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NetApp’s Virtual Desktop Services (VDS) can help you provision, deploy, manage, and optimize your virtual desktop infrastructure across any cloud, or on premise.

As we all draw closer to our post-COVID-19 return to the workplace, we’re going to figure out the dynamics that will usher us into our new workplace reality – whatever that might be.

In all likelihood, this will demand we leverage a whole new suite of technology tools…

We’re committed to helping you with this journey.

  • Simply enter your information here, and we’ll provide you access to a FREE, LIVE VDS ‘sandbox’ account to use for (30) days to see just how this type of technology can help you prepare for the coming workplace realities.
  • Use your account to provision and deploy up to fifty (50) virtual desktop users, and to use them for the (30) days.


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We encourage you to test this system out and see how the automation frees you up and slashes your risk of error – add applications to the stack, apply updates to some/all of them, apply different resources to different workloads, or tear some/all of them down. It’s yours to use for that time.