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NetApp’s Virtual Desktop Managed Service (VDMS) provides turnkey virtual desktops as a managed service for your expanding enterprise. VDMS integrates a complete Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution with our world-class data services infrastructure all for a simple per-user monthly fee.

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Businesses find that providing virtual desktop infrastructure to a growing number of enterprise users can be complex and resource-intensive. DaaS solutions are an increasingly attractive tool to allow enterprises to support virtual desktops by leveraging a streamlined managed service model. Unfortunately, most DaaS offerings are often limited in scope, or built upon ‘lowest common denominator’ infrastructure that isn’t enterprise-class. Imagine a better approach to DaaS that integrates the virtual desktop with the industry’s leading cloud data services and management tools. That’s DaaS at scale. That’s NetApp Virtual Desktop Managed Service.


Why NetApp’s Virtual Desktop Managed Service

NetApp’s Virtual Desktop Managed Service (VDMS) is a turn-key managed solution for your end-to-end virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). It is powered by NetApp’s Virtual Desktop Service (VDS), our VDI global control plane for virtual desktop management that functions as an extension of the cloud. Now businesses have an option to reduce the complexity of VDI provisioning, orchestration, and management by outsourcing these functions to NetApp. VDMS does not require additional IT staff, nor incremental cloud investment, to operate. All it takes to get world-class, cloud-driven modern workplace solutions is to subscribe to VDMS for a simple monthly fee per user.

VDMS goes beyond traditional DaaS solutions by integrating:

  • NetApp Cloud Volumes family of storage to optimize your cloud storage and performance while enhancing data protection, security, and compliance
  • NetApp SaaS Back-Up for Microsoft 365 offering a secure, straight forward solution that protects your users’ Microsoft 365 mission-critical data to protect against the odds of data loss from a variety of threats
  • NetApp Cloud Insights diagnostic reports for complete visibility into your VDMS usage and applications

Additional VDMS options include dedicated virtual machine creation and increased GPU capacity for graphically-intensive workloads.

IT challenges

Business challenges


IT organization is short-staffed and cannot support daily operations involved in virtual desktops and VDI


Expensive to add and train incremental IT staff on VDI


High costs and resources associated with manual configuration of individual workspaces


Slows down employee productivity and time-to-value


Lack of speed and agility when managing users, provisioning resource, or applying policy changes across desktop workspaces


Inability to integrate virtual desktop data orchestration, resource allocation, and workload movement seamlessly

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Complexity of managing the VDI infrastructure stack across different regions and locations

ic_protocol (1)

Proliferation of endpoint devices creates complexity in provisioning infrastructure

ic_migration (1)

Scaling workloads across globally distributed environments to adapt for surges in virtual desktop users


Loss of productivity and capacity needed to support sudden increases in remote, contract,or seasonal workforce demands

Key use cases
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    Offload the complex management of virtual desktop infrastructure to an industry leader in enterprise-class infrastructure foundations.

  • ic-protocol-Dec-30-2020-02-28-33-33-PM

    Address mobile user and device proliferation.

  • ic-id-1

    Adapt to seasonal, shift or contract workers.

  • ic-migration-4

    Expand your virtual desktop infrastructure to accommodate increasing global demands.


The solution: Virtual Desktop Managed Service

Virtual Desktop Managed Service (VDMS) is NetApp’s DaaS solution that allows you to outsource all virtual desktop provisioning, deployment, and management for a single monthly fee per user. What sets VDMS apart from other DaaS solutions lies in its integration of NetApp’s industry-leading enterprise-class data management infrastructure, including integrated protection for your user’s Microsoft 365 data, and comprehensive cloud insights reporting.

Simplify the virtual desktop lifecycle

Accelerate time to workforce productivity through outsourcing your entire virtual desktop lifecycle.

Integrate cloud data services with SaaS

Amplify DaaS capabilities with NetApp’s leading enterprise-class file system support, protection for Microsoft 365, user data, and detailed resource reporting.

Scale capacity in a “pay-as-you-grow” model

Expand workloads and resources in a predictable operating expense model where you pay a simple per-user monthly fee.


  • Reduce Time, Manage Costs

    Trust NetApp’s dedicated team to manage the entire VDI lifecycle on your behalf for a single monthly fee per user.

  • Mitigate Risk of Errors

    Reduce likelihood of virtual desktop configuration, data management, and software update errors by shifting to managed service model.

  • Accelerate Productivity

    Turn-on virtual desktop application quickly so that your employees can be productive right from the start.

  • Redeploy IT Resources

    Let VDMS manage your modern workplace DaaS and Cloud Data Service needs so that IT teams can be redirected to address other mission-critical issues.

  • Get Training and Support

    Ensure that your IT teams are proficient with your virtual desktop environment through complementary on-boarding, training and continued customer support throughout your service term.

  • Leverage NetApp Cloud Data Solutions

    Take advantage of an infrastructure that leverages NetApp's industry-leading data and management infrastructure for data storage, protection, and analytics sp that you can scale with ease and confidence


  • General Questions
  • Technical Questions
  • What is NetApp's Virtual Desktop Managed Service (VDMS)?

    Virtual Desktop Managed Service (VDMS) is a turnkey, enterprise-class, managed solution for the customer’s end-to-end virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). VDMS leverages the suite of Public Cloud Services to ensure the most secure, scalable, and stable operating environment for the customer’s users, including NetApp’s Virtual Desktop Services (VDS), our enterprise-grade Cloud Volumes platform, SaaS Backup for Microsoft 365, and Cloud Insights. VDMS delivers the power of enterprise-scale VDI to customers through a simple DaaS experience, with NetApp managing the complete infrastructure stack so that customers do not have to. This is enterprise-scale DaaS!

  • How is NetApp's Virtual Desktop Managed Service (VDMS) Different from other DAAS Offerings?

    NetApp VDMS is different in that it leverages enterprise-class cloud infrastructure from NetApp, deployed on major Hyperscaler footprint, to enable the most secure, stable, and scalable VDI environment available.

    • VDMS leverages the Cloud Volumes family of products to deliver the highest performance and availability, protecting against the negative effects of boot storms, login storms, and resource contention.
    • VDMS is powered by NetApp’s Virtual Desktop Service (VDS), our VDI global control plane for virtual desktop management that functions as an extension of the cloud.
    • VDMS integrates NetApp SaaS Backup for M365, protecting users’ data against an array of threats including user error, insider threat, administrative error, application corruption, and ransomware threats.

    Using this foundation, NetApp’s VDMS team fully manages the DaaS environment, including provisioning, orchestration, security, and risk management. NetApp delivers a broad range of analytics and reporting to ensure peak performance and stability. VDMS also automatically right-sizes the environment to maintain peak performance. Key points:

    • There is no need for incremental or existing cloud accounts or resources.
    • Customer can freely bring their own apps to the environment.
  • How does VDMS deliver business outcomes?

    Virtual Desktop Managed Service (VDMS) is NetApp’s DaaS solution that allows customers to outsource all virtual desktop provisioning, deployment, and management for a single monthly fee per user. What sets VDMS apart from other DaaS solutions lies in its integration of NetApp’s industry-leading enterprise-class file system support, SaaS Back-Up for Microsoft 365, and comprehensive cloud insights reporting.


    • Simplify the Virtual Desktop Lifecycle
    • Offload virtual desktop provisioning, software synchronization, security, and data protection for one monthly fee per user
    • Reduce time, resources, and costs required to manage virtual desktop infrastructure
    • Mitigate risk in a business climate driven by speed, agility, and a rapidly changing workforce


    • Integrate Cloud Data Service capabilities with DaaS
    • Go beyond traditional DaaS Solutions with a global, complete modern workplace solution
    • Leverage integrated NetApp® Virtual Desktop Service (VDS), SaaS Backup for Microsoft 365, Cloud Volume Services and Cloud Insights, that come standard with VDMS
    • Outsource the complexity of software updates, data orchestration, resource allocation, and workload movement across all employee devices, globally


    • Scale capacity in a “Pay-as-Customers-Grow” model
    • Manage operating expenses through a predictive flat monthly fee, on a per user basis
    • Deliver a world-class, complete cloud-driven modern workplace solution without incremental cloud investment
    • Reduce, or even eliminate, IT administrative tasks related to virtual desktop infrastructure

    Incremental requirements

    • Does NOT require additional IT staff
    • Does NOT require customers to have own cloud account or resources


    • Supported by our dedicated VDMS team focused on the CUSTOMER’s success
    • Dedicated 24/7 to the CUSTOMER’s business
    • Onboarding and training of CUSTOMER’s teams

    It scales capacity in a “Pay-as-Customers-Grow” model: Expand workloads and resources in a predictable operating expense model where customers pay a single flat fee per month across all users.

  • Why is "Enterprise-Class Cloud Storage" important?

    Virtual desktop environments are no longer limited to a few, lower-level users in an enterprise. Businesses are evolving their VDI usage to ‘tier one’ levels as a primary tool for end user computing (EUC). This means that literally thousands of users can be concentrated into a single cloud workspace – bringing the problems of ‘scale’ never seen in the EUC context. Microsoft 365 is an example of what has become an enterprise class EUC workload that businesses rely on – and it will need the ‘always on’ infrastructure that was once the domain of SAP, Oracle, etc.

    Most other DaaS offering are built on commodity components with software-defined storage, in traditional or HCI infrastructure. Those commodity-based architectures were not built for thousands of enterprise users accessing petabytes of data 24x7 – the new reality.

    VDMS leverages NetApp’s Cloud Volumes family of enterprise-class cloud storage, enabling environments to scale incrementally or in large, rapid migration. Cloud Volumes can support this level of scale while delivering exceptional performance and productivity. And it can do so in a moment’s notice, not requiring long procurement, deployment, and orchestration of SDS environments.

  • Why is backing up of user's Microsoft 365 environments important?

    VDMS brings a pre-engineered VD environment, based upon the world’s most scalable cloud infrastructure, to your fingertips for a simple monthly per-user cost. VDMS removes the requirement for extensive domain expertise around VDI and cloud infrastructures, as NetApp manages the entire infrastructure stack.

    VDMS provides you a predictable OpEx model, with a single monthly fee per user for virtual desktop access, while delivering a world-class, completely cloud-driven modern workspace solution.

  • What VDI Resources do customers need for VDMS?

    None. VDMS is a completely outsourced VDI ‘desktop as a service’ or DaaS managed service. Once the required setup information is provided and confirmed, all virtual desktops are deployed and managed by NetApp, with credentials and access instructions provided to the customer.

  • Can customers bring their own applications?

    Yes. Customers can and will bring their own applications to the VDMS offering. Customers are responsible for managing their own application stack.

  • How does VDMS scale?

    VDMS can scale from small business to enterprise workspace environments, locally, regionally, or globally. For larger and more performance-intensive environments, VDMS can leverage resources such as Cloud Volumes family of storage, the industry’s highest performance cloud storage offering, and Cloud Insights, a leading cloud analytics platform, to guard against the chance that the customer’s end-users could face unexpected performance or availability issues. VDMS supports user workloads from ‘light user’ to ‘power user’ profiles, including graphically intensive workloads.

  • Is VDMS regionally constrained?

    VDMS is built upon global Hyperscaler infrastructure, and is immediately available in the US, with rollout to EMEA and APAC (English speaking support only), in January 2020.