Virtual Desktops

Cloud Solutions for Virtual Desktops

Azure NetApp Files and Cloud Volumes Service provide the security, performance, and simplicity needed for virtual desktops and applications to enable digital workspace transformation. Get access from anywhere, from any device, at any time.

Real Benefits and Real Challenges

Organizations look to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and virtual applications to improve security, increase employee productivity, simplify desktop operations, and reduce costs. With the cloud, organizations turn to a digital workspace transformation for those benefits plus the elasticity and facilities reduction of the cloud. They can even take advantage of a full workspace transformation to dramatically reduce the infrastructure burden of desktop management.

NetApp enables organizations to achieve those benefits by overcoming challenges associated with the cloud, including the migration of persistent desktops and home directory data from on-premises, supporting roaming users from cloud region to cloud region, vendor lock-in, and hybrid VDI requirements. Read on to discover how NetApp services can enhance virtual desktop capabilities.


Variety of Applications

There are several applications and methods of providing desktop and application virtualization in the cloud. They range from the infrastructure you manage for desktop and/or application virtualization, to fully managed desktops as a service. Since 2007 NetApp has partnered with the leading providers of virtual desktop software to power successful implementations including:

  • Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)
  • Citrix with Citrix Workspace and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
  • VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure
  • VMware Horizon View on VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS
  • AWS with AWS Workspaces
  • Google Cloud with GPU Workspaces
  • Microsoft’s FSLogix for user profiles, app publishing, and home directory management

NetApp Makes the Solution Work

While there is a variety of methods and vendors, they all need files shares for the users’ data and profiles. Azure NetApp Files and Cloud Volumes Service are fast, simple to use, reliable and powerful file services and data management in the largest clouds in the world. Customers can now securely move their desktops to the cloud in a shorter amount of time and still ensure the desktops are performant, secure, available and economical.

Some organizations prefer to implement roaming profiles so that as workers move from one region to another they always have access to their instance in a location close to them so that the user experience is still good. For roaming profiles, organizations need a way to move the profiles and data. NetApp’s Cloud Volumes ONTAP provides a powerful infrastructure with the APIs and partner integrations to simply transfer the end users profile and data from one cloud region to another.

While there are a variety of methods and vendors, all require file shares for the users' data and profiles. Azure NetApp Files and Cloud Volumes Service provide fast, simple-to-use, and powerful file services and data management in the world's largest clouds.

Plus, for roaming profiles that enable access with good user experience for workers who move from one region to another, NetApp's Cloud Volumes ONTAP can help. Get a powerful infrastructure with the APIs and partner integrations to simply transfer the end user's profile and data from one cloud region to another.


NetApp Value and Features

  • Integrate into the on-premises Active Directory for improved security, faster migration to cloud
  • Use the same NTFS ACLs to reduce chance of mistakes and security holes
  • Private end point in your VNET/VPC unlike other services which can be exploited by outsiders
  • Data is always encrypted at rest
  • Available in Gov Cloud for higher security requirements
Performance at the Right Price
  • Desktops boot up in seconds rather than minutes
  • Selectable & changeable performance levels to provide what is needed, and only pay for what is needed
  • High performance filesystem for the most demanding virtual desktop users
  • Lower performance and price levels for less demanding desktops
  • Simplify operations with integrated snapshots
  • Simpler migration from on-prem due to support for hybrid Active Directory from on-premises, or a migration of that same AD to the cloud
  • Highly Available by default
  • Consistent and predictable performance
  • Azure NetApp Files is a native Azure Service and support for Azure AD
  • Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud is launched from a Google Cloud API or the Google Cloud Portal, as well as sold by and supported by Google.
  • Provision and manage resources from your choice of orchestration tool and method (Ansible, Rest API, PowerShell, ARM template……)
  • Access the Azure NetApp Files API just like any other Azure native service
  • Access the Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud API like any other Google Cloud service
  • Leverage the elasticity of cloud to deploy what you need in minutes when you need it and pay only for what you use. Provision for peak, then reduce resources to shed cost when no longer needed.
  • Access your desktop from Any Device, Any Place at Any Time.
Support for Roaming Desktops
  • Cloud Volumes support can be spun up in any cloud region
  • APIs to enable support for movement of user profiles and data

Customer Story

ic-challenge-3 Simple and Powerful Solutions
  • Virtual Desktops in the cloud to provide a next generation workspace for users
  • One central location to control all third-party applications
ic-solution-2 Deployed Solution
ic-results-2 Customer Benefits
  • Simple to manage PaaS
  • Consistent and predictable performance for end user satisfaction
  • Control costs and utilization by controlling performance levels
  • Secure identity management via Active Directory (AD) in same manner as use on-premises
  • Secure private end point in vnet