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Calculate Your Cost Savings with Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS

Worried about growing cloud footprint costs?

We have a great new calculator that can help you!
Watch the on-demand webinar, "Calculate your Cost Savings with ONTAP Cloud for AWS"

    • Learn how to calculate native AWS storage costs compared with the costs for using AWS with Cloud Volumes ONTAP, using NetApp’s new TCO Calculator
    • Check the savings you can achieve leveraging NetApp storage efficiency features: efficient snapshots, thin provisioning, data compression, deduplication, data tiering, and data cloning
    • Learn from successful Cloud Volumes ONTAP deployments how other businesses leveraged NetApp technology to save storage footprint and costs

Watch as we demonstrate all of the cost benefits you can gain from using Cloud Volumes ONTAP together with AWS to optimize your cloud deployment TCO today.

Watch the Webinar