On-demand Webinar

SaaS Applications in the Cloud: Cut Costs, Clone Data and Increase Agility as You Scale

  • Worried about growing costs as your SaaS application’s storage usage scales?
  • Want to run automated, non-disruptive, and low-cost test/dev environments to support continuous cycles and fast TTM?
  • Looking for tools to support integrated methodologies for automation, orchestration and repeatability in your rapidly growing business?

Watch the on-demand webinar: "SaaS Applications in the Cloud". Find out about the benefits of using NetApp® cloud solutions and learn how other businesses have leveraged NetApp technology to build and enhance their SaaS application environment.

With NetApp, growing SaaS applications in the cloud can: 

  • Reduce costs with NetApp storage efficiency features: thin provisioning, data compression, deduplication, and data tiering.
  • Enhance and accelerate dev/test processes with data cloning technology.
  • Enable DevOps tools to help manage, monitor, automate and orchestrate processes and best practices across the organization.
  • Guarantee data protection for the production environments with highly-available storage, disaster recovery, and snapshots for instant point-in-time recovery.

Watch the Webinar