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If your enterprise is considering moving to Amazon cloud, then time is of the essence. Learn the 5 Phase Migration to Amazon Cloud Approach, including discovery, assessment, POC and more.

This guide offers a migration checklist to help get you started!


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ONTAP on the cloud. The best of on-premise and cloud storage environments.

NetApp ONTAP - Tried and Trusted

The NetApp ONTAP software platform is a known and trusted storage solution for a reason:It has been tested for many years by thousands of companies, from the smallest to the very largest,in truly enterprise production environments.

Similar Interface: Maintain Existing Processes

Rather than lose features, new capabilities are added, extending the existing maturity of the organization’s processes into the cloud era. Nothing is lost; there is only gain.

Powerful Cloud Management Tools

Spin up new instances quickly, align infrastructure spending with the life of a project, add remote disaster recovery options for your data, test and develop rapidly, move data between locations easily, and much more.