The benchmark for analyzing genomic data is accessing it from data from 100,000 individuals. We always had timeouts or file failures. But when we tested this using the NetApp Cloud Volumes Service, it actually finished in less than an hour. That was a great breakthrough for us.

Hakon Gudbjartsson, CIO, WuXi NextCODE

Google Cloud and NetApp Cloud Volumes helped us move high performance file workloads that we thought would take months or years to refactor.

VP Cloud Services, Cardinal Health

It is pretty risky work to move all this data and not lose it, Cloud Volumes ONTAP was a perfect solution. We wouldn’t trust any other vendor to help with this.

Mike Maloney, Vice President of SaaS, Security, and IT at D2L

The collaboration with NetApp is not only storage, and is not only data, but is data management, I like the simplicity to use the NetApp technology that gives us the speed of reaction and transform the information into knowledge.

Konstantin Kostenarov, CTO of Ducati

Using NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, we have achieved recovery times in testing that are almost instantaneous, and with as little as 10 minutes of data loss.

Peter Raettig, Head of Technical Operations, Reach Plc

The partnership with NetApp has been an important part of the university’s successful digital transformation. It allows me and my team basically to extend our capabilities, tapping into a whole international world of security expertise, cloud expertise, and keeping up to date with the trends.

Fiona Rankin, CIO of the University of Wollongong

We looked for a cloud storage solution that could integrate with on-premises deployment. That is the main reason we came to NetApp. We examined a few vendor products and checked their offerings. NetApp was the most mature. It had capabilities on the cloud that competitors couldn’t offer.

Nir Boyarsky, IT & Storage Team Leader, Mellanox


Cloud Volumes Platform

Data is your most vital asset and must be optimally stored and managed throughout its lifecycle. As cloud technology evolves, its needs are becoming more sophisticated, demanding countless actions and processes to work harmoniously in different environments. Cloud Volumes Platform is an integrative set of innovative storage infrastructures and intelligent data services, deployed and managed on your choice of cloud, public or private, through an advanced API-driven control plane with comprehensive oversight. With high levels of integrability and adaptability, the platform delivers application-driven storage anywhere, seamlessly addressing data needs, and eliminating siloed operations and the use of different tools managed by different teams with different workflows and APIs.

Introducing Cloud Volumes Platform

Cloud Volumes Platform contains the essential tools for successful cloud data migration, protection, optimization, and governance. Get exactly what your company needs to capture the full potential of the cloud. Whatever your cloud approach, you can expect a non-disruptive cloud adoption experience, flexible deployment across environments, and enterprise-grade data protection with Cloud Volumes Platform.