Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

Growth in storage requirements for leading edge process technologies and continued time to market pressures are driving the transition to cloud for both chip design and manufacturing. 


New solutions are required to manage explosive data growth 

Next generation storage requirements for leading edge processes are growing exponentially.  Historically, storage requirements have grown 2X from one process generation to the next.  However, from 5nm to 3nm, the growth rate is 4-6X.  This growth rate is outstripping the ability of design companies to keep up with only on-prem solutions.

Modern, leading edge-based solutions to data management and movement that can seamlessly extend the on-prem workflows to the cloud are necessary to close the gap. 

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The storage partner of choice
for the clouds 

Choosing the right storage in the cloud is critical for EDA workflows. Cloud storage must be flexible enough to match the changing and demanding compute requirements of the EDA process. NetApp brings nearly 30 years of storage leadership to the cloud, offering the richest feature set. For the unique demands of EDA workloads, the major cloud providers recommend NetApp. 

EDA in the cloud – Solved 

Semiconductor companies, analysts and cloud providers agree, the cloud is ready for EDA workloads in a wide range of deployment models from bursting to migration and everything in between.

Explore the NetApp performance benchmarks for EDA workloads 

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