SQL Server can excel with cloud storage

Gartner reports nearly 75% of all databases need cloud-based storage by 2022. As a leading relational database management system (RDBMS), Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL) is the go to choice for Windows-platform designed applications. SQL Server has helped to revolutionize the way enterprises manage massive data sets.

Solving modern data challenges requires enterprise-grade feature sets. Do you have the right cloud storage features to improve your cloud SQL data management and analytics?



Databases benefit from low latency, high IOPs, and high throughput storage to deliver the right application performance.



Redundancy and high availability configurations protect against device failures to help keep your applications online.



Data corruption, external threats, or accidental data loss are all reasons why the right protection is needed for your data.



Application development workflows benefit from rapid iteration and parallel testing to innovate and reduce costs.



Service failure shouldn’t result in data loss, even in the cloud. You need storage that protects against data loss due to unplanned service outages.



Increase database efficiency and automate common tasks to reduce risk caused by human error and to improve operational productivity.

Why NetApp Cloud Volumes for SQL Server?

When you design, deploy, or migrate SQL databases to the cloud; you must realize not all workloads are equal, some call for high performance, some for large storage capacity, or both. Whether your data is structured or unstructured, accelerate your SQL database in the cloud with NetApp Cloud Volumes.

Driven by NetApp ONTAP, Cloud Volumes is intelligent cloud storage for Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS as a fully managed cloud storage service or a user defined storage management layer providing:


Innovate Faster

Achieve millisecond latency on your choice of performance tiers while dynamically adjusting to changing requirements.


Limitless Scale

Replicate data across availability zones and benefit from guaranteed uptime and available RPO=0 configurations.



Avoid the pain of downtime and the cost of data loss with guaranteed nine 9s of data durability.


Consistent Experience

Eliminate data backup and restoration delays and risks with space efficient snapshots and available block level replication.


Accelerate to the Cloud

Migrate with efficiency and agility to accelerate application development without changing code.


Built-in Intelligence

Shrink your costs with data management automation and cold data tiering for up to 70% cloud storage savings.

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