Cloud Assessment Tool

The public cloud virtualized environment and micro-pricing model introduce new challenges of uncontrolled cloud resources proliferation which result in resources inefficiencies and increased costs.

The Cloud Assessment tool will monitor your cloud storage resources, optimize cloud efficiency and data protection, identify cost saving opportunities and reduce overall spend so you can manage your cloud with confidence.

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How Does it Work with Your AWS Storage

Are you getting charged for unused EBS volumes? Are you properly protecting your data with Snapshots? Not sure? All of that and more can be answered by NetApp’s Cloud Assessment

Our assessment is based on collecting information from your EBS volumes and EBS snapshots associated with your AWS account.

  • Cloud storage usage analysis
  • Identified savings opportunities, data protection enhancements
  • Operational next steps recommendations that can optimize the storage associated with your AWS account
  • Learn about storage enhancement capabilities such as thin provisioning, automatic resizing, data management alerts and more
  • A cost efficient storage environment with increased efficiency and data protection

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azure-logo-4.png Coming Soon

Using a different cloud provider? Let Us know.
Our assessment tool will be available in Azure shortly and we will make sure to notify you.