ic-azure-netapp-files-1Azure NetApp Files

Powerful Enterprise File Shares

A Microsoft Azure file storage service built on NetApp technology, giving you the file capabilities in Azure even your core business applications require.

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Accelerate Azure Migration With high
Performance And Scalability

Extreme File Performance

Azure NetApp Files allows you to target any of your business-critical file workloads with extreme file throughput with sub-millisecond response times.

With three service levels you can change on-the-fly, you get the performance that’s best suited to the application.

Simple, Seamless Experience

A seamless Azure experience for your file services workloads. You can deploy and manage Azure NetApp Files directory from the Azure Portal or automate using the Azure API or CLI integration.

Secure Your Data

Built-in capabilities ensure your data is protected at all times in Azure: from always-on encryption to point-in-time data copies (without added capacity costs). And with Microsoft‘s world class support, you can rest assured that you‘re in good hands with Azure.


Linux File Shares

Building simple, shared access to Linux file data for your configuration/binary files
and application data sets, is imperative to meeting corporate cloud-first mandates

  • ic-challenge-1 Customer Challenges

    A global beverage company was facing the challenge of building their cloud first initiative because they need to build custom file servers to support their Linux applications that require shared file access (NFS).

  • ic-solution Solution

    Azure NetApp Files gave them a simple path to creating Linux files shares. Because of its extreme performance, they could now move some core business applications to Azure. With the added benefit of application-consistent data snapshots and instant cloning, they reduced their data management overhead.

  • ic-results Results with Azure NetApp Files
    • Simple and fast deployment of high-performance Linux file shares
    • Reduce large system restores from a full day to just two hours
    • Reduce data sprawl with built-in data protect, without adding cloud capacity

Database Applications

Get cloud flexibility in Azure for core business applications that need high
database performance, such as Oracle, MySQL, and SAP.

  • ic-challenge-1 Customer Challenges

    A global athletic apparel company was struggling with the migration of their core business applications, which rely on a very high performance database to meet their day-to-day business needs. The database was in an on-premises file environment for simplicity and shared access to multiple tools.

  • ic-solution Solution

    Azure NetApp Files gave them the ultra-low latency, high performance solution they were looking for—and in a native format that made the architecture easy, familiar, and fast to deploy.

  • ic-results Results with Azure NetApp Files
    • Increase development quality with fast access to production data sets

Customer Stories

The relationship with NetApp has been critical in the ability to create those touch points with customers. Azure NetApp Files is a great example. The response times were phenomenal.

Brad Clark, Director Storage Systems and Data Protection, McKesson

Azure NetApp Files was a life saver for storage. We have seen amazing performance increases. Simulations that took over a month to run now take few hours

Juan Pedro Bretti Mandarano, Digital Transformation Engineer E&P Repsol

Features & Pricing

Azure NetApp Files brings the following capabilities to your data:

  • ic-latency-2 Ultra-Low Latency

    Bring your most demanding applications to the cloud with sub-millisecond latencies.

  • ic-tiers-4 Multiple Performance Tiers

    Choose the performance level that best fits your application requirements and adjusts on-the-fly without having to move data:

    STANDARD | 16MB / second throughput per provisioned TB

    PREMIUM | 64MB / second throughput per provisioned TB

    ULTRA | 128MB / second throughput per provisioned TB

  • ic-regional-2 Regional Availability

    Americas | us-west2 | us-east | us-east2
    | us-southcentral | us-central

    EMEA | eu-west | eu-north | uk-south | uk-west

    APAC | southeast-asia, | au-east | japan-east

  • ic-protocol-4 Multi-Protocol Support

    Address both your Linux and Windows file-based applications with NFS and SMB protocol support.

  • ic-data-management-2 Advanced Data Management

    Get built-in, advanced features for your application data environments:

    SnapShot Copies - Increase your application resiliency by taking more snapshot copies that do not impact your performance, time or capacity.

    Rapid Clones - Get your application and services to market faster with rapid, low cost data copies.

    Data Encryption - All data at rest is encrypted by default so your data is always protected.

  • ic-azure-2 Azure Native, First-Party Service and Support

    Azure NetApp Files is an Azure native, first-party service delivered directly through the Azure Portal. You get the familiar interface with the built in Azure tools just like any other Azure storage service – Including Microsoft world-class procurement and support.

Azure Native Service and Support


Azure NetApp files is an Azure native service delivered directly through the Azure portal. With built-in Azure tools, you get the familiar interface and features of any other Azure storage service – Including Microsoft’s world-class procurement and support.

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