Azure NetApp Files

A first-party Microsoft Azure service that is built together with NetApp delivering extremely low latency and high throughput file services for file-based applications with support for NFS and SMB file shares.

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Seamless Cloud Experience For Both Linux and Windows File Environments

The multiprotocol data service simplifies application migration of your data center environments. Being a fully managed service, it gives you a simple interface that handles, configures and manages all the underlying storage details. This service is a great fit for developers, line- of-business (LOB) engineers, database administrators, and application architects who consume storage capacity but do not want to administer it.

Achieve Enterprise-Grade Data Management and Storage in Microsoft Azure

This gives you the ability to manage and protect your application data sets with the power and simplicity of the cloud. Azure NetApp Files removes obstacles, so you can move all of your file-based applications to the cloud, so you do not have to re-architect in order to take advantage of the power of Microsoft Azure.


  • nfs-icon-06 Linux File Services
    Azure NetApp Files brings both performance and scale to your Linux file-based applications with the simplicity of an Azure native service. You can deploy up to 100TB volumes in seconds. This enterprise quality file service help users easily migrate existing applications to Microsoft Azure with the security and protection to ensure your data is available for your critical Linux applications.
  • ic-sap SAP
    Azure NetApp Files makes it possible to move your SAP workloads to Azure. From SAP Shared Files and AnyDB to your stringent SAP HANA needs, the high throughput performance and ultra-low latency of Azure NetApp Files lets you realize the flexibility of the Azure cloud for your core business requirements.
  • ic-file-services-7 Windows File Services
    Azure NetApp Files brings a highly performant Windows files service to your Azure environment and fits into your existing Active Directory architecture. With up to 100TB at multiple service levels, you get file capacity that fits your application requirements.
  • ic-migration-1 Cloud Migration
    Azure NetApp Files brings multiple file protocols to the cloud allowing you to better meet your cloud mandate targets without refactoring applications. Together with the NetApp Cloud Sync service, you get a simple, secure, and automated way to migrate your data to Azure NetApp Files from on-premise locations or other cloud environments. Once your data is transferred, it’s fully available for use on both source and target. Cloud Sync can rapidly move data for one time transfers or for continuous data synchronization.
  • ic-high-performance-61 High Performance Storage
    Azure NetApp Files offers three service levels (Standard, Premium, Ultra) that you can change on-the-fly. This allows you to target your business-critical, high performance workloads with the performance best fit to the applications. You can increase or decrease the allocated capacity on demand – without having to worry about any underlying storage details.
  • ic-devops-61 Agile DevOps
    With writable clone support in Azure NetApp Files, data in the clones can be added to, updated, or deleted without a affecting the primary storage for which the clone was created. With the speed that the clones can be created, this offers a great platform for development and test work spaces that need to be provisioned on-demand to scale with the workload needs.

Customer Success

McKesson's Brad Clark describes how NetApp provides products that make their customers successful



Azure NetApp Files brings the following capabilities to your data:

Ultra-Low Latency

Bring your most stringent applications to the cloud with sub-millisecond latencies.

Multi-Protocol Support

Address both your Linux and Windows file-based applications with NFS and SMB protocol support.

Multiple Performance Tiers

Choose the performance level that best fits your application requirements and adjust on-the-fly… without having to move data:

  • STANDARD   |   16MB / second throughput per provisioned TB
  • PREMIUM   |   64MB / second throughput per provisioned TB
  • ULTRA   |   128MB / second throughput per provisioned TB

Advanced Data Management

Get built-in, advanced features for your application data environments:

  • SnapShot Copies - Zero footprint snapshot copies that do not cost you more cloud data capacity. Run manually or set scheduled snapshot policies.
  • Rapid Clones - Create new copies of datasets based on a clone of a point in time snapshot copy.
  • Data Encryption - All data at rest is encrypted by default so your data is always protected.

Regional Availability

Azure NetApp Files is available in the following Azure regions:

  • Available today  |  us-east  |  us-west-2
  • Coming Soon  |  eu-north  |  eu-west  |  us-southcentral

First Party Azure Service and Support

Azure NetApp files is a first-party Microsoft Azure service delivered directly through the Azure portal. You get the familiar interface with the built in Azure tools just like any other Azure storage service – Including Microsoft world-class procurement and support.



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