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Pushing the Frontiers of Cloud Storage, One Service at a Time

It‘s both meaningful and impactful to be validated by a big partner. Recently one of our partners announced two enhancements to their file service off... Read More

Azure NetApp Files—Now With a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Saying downtime is expensive is an understatement. 14-hour outage cost Facebook approximately $90 million (occurred in March 2019) 12-hour Apple store... Read More

EMR Clusters: How to Run Data Analytics on Cloud Volumes ONTAP Using Amazon EMR

Amazon EMR is a cost-effective and scalable Big Data analytics service on AWS. EMR clusters are extremely flexible: they can be deployed in just a few... Read More

Challenges in Monitoring for Compliance

In part 1 of this article, I reviewed how your monitoring strategy can (and must!) go hand-in-hand with you compliance strategy. However, like most as... Read More

Windows Server Failover Clustering on AWS with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Windows Server Failover Clustering, commonly referred to as WSFC (historically, Microsoft Clustering Service, or MSCS) has long been a popular solutio... Read More

Azure Cost Calculator:
The First Step to Saving on Azure

Understanding, monitoring and optimizing your costs on Azure can get complex fast, as you grow to use more managed services, more virtual machines, an... Read More

A Low-Cost Performant World for VMware Cloud

Storage-heavy VMware users face a choice if they want to move host their VMware environment in VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS. AWS offers high performance,... Read More

Why Monitoring Is Important for Compliance

Why monitor? Monitoring is the process of watching operations and making sure that they proceed as planned. Traditionally, with digital operations, mo... Read More

Migrating Physical Server to AWS: Now Free with AWS CloudEndure

When migrating to AWS, a common challenge is the need to migrate physical, non-virtualized servers to the Amazon environment. CloudEndure was a third-... Read More

Handling Increased WFH Demands with VDI and Cloud Volumes ONTAP

The last few weeks events has reshuffled the deck and it’s not at all clear when we will be able to resume normal patterns of interaction and mobility... Read More