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Protecting Amazon S3 Configurations

Posted by Gali Kovacs Topics: AWS, Object Storage, Amazon S3

Securing public cloud infrastructure is now a top priority for every organization that leverages cloud services to host their application or data. Read More

Comparing AWS Storage SLAs: Which Protects You Best

Cloud storage is one of the main pillars of cloud computing. Read More

How to Reach RPO=0 Using AWS and ONTAP Cloud

Mission-critical systems require “five nines” of uptime, with strong guarantees on the durability of data storage. Read More

The Importance of Defining Your Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Strategy

Backup and disaster recovery solutions differ depending on the vendor, but all of them use similar logic and share a common goal: To provide companies... Read More

Handling Storage Cost and Cloud Sprawl

Sprawl in the IT world isn’t new: We know it well from physical servers in data centers, as well as VMs in virtualized environments. Read More

AWS Migration: Migrating Website Data to Amazon S3

One of our clients had their website running on Wordpress using an IIS server for years. However, a rise of traffic and a need for scale convinced the... Read More

Object Storage vs. File Storage in the Cloud

When it comes to cloud-based storage, the economy of the solution is tied into the underlying storage type to a great extent. Organizations should loo... Read More

Cloud-based File Share Services: Part 3 - Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud

In the first two parts of this series we talked about AWS and ONTAP® Cloud, and Azure and ONTAP® Cloud. Now we’ll go into some of the other cloud-base... Read More

Cloud-Based File Share Services: Part 2 - Azure Files and ONTAP Cloud

File shares are one of the most important services offered by the cloud, given their unlimited potential to scale and meet the demands of high availab... Read More

Cloud-Based File Share Services: Part 1 — AWS EFS and ONTAP Cloud

Moving your file share services to the cloud gives you unlimited scalability, while at the same time, transparently addressing concerns over high avai... Read More