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Overcome Windows File Share Challenges in the Cloud

As on-premises infrastructures age, becoming increasingly prone to failure and susceptible to security threats, enterprises are seeking out the cloud ... Read More

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Choosing the Best Cloud Provider for You

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform collectively dominate the cloud computing market. Whether you are developing an ini... Read More

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is now available on all Google Cloud regions

NetApp and Google have announced the General Availability of Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) on all Google Cloud regions. Actually, this isn’t a new offerin... Read More

Google Cloud Storage Transfer Service: How to Move Data to Google Cloud Storage

No matter if you are migrating from on-premises to cloud or between cloud providers, it is a universal truth what the most tedious part of the process... Read More

Using Azure Backup Server to Backup Workloads and Files to Azure

The Azure Backup Service offers multiple options for backing up on-premises and cloud-based workloads to Azure storage. Azure Backup Server is the mos... Read More

Google Cloud vs AWS: Comparing Price and Capabilities

While Amazon is the largest and most established cloud provider, Google is fast catching up. If you are considering migrating to Google Cloud , migrat... Read More

Cloud Migration Tools: Transferring Your Data with Ease

Every good cloud migration strategy makes use of tools designed to automate and streamline the transfer of your data.  Knowing this, Google Cloud, AWS... Read More

AWS EFS: Is It the Right Storage Solution for You?

Amazon EFS is an AWS file sharing service that lets you manage file shares, like those used on traditional networks, and mount them on cloud or on-pre... Read More

Azure First Steps: How to Create Azure Storage Accounts and Upload Blobs

With hybrid and cloud-only architectures taking center stage in today’s IT landscape, Azure storage has gained significance as the cloud storage of ch... Read More

8 Scenarios for Using NetApp Cloud Tiering

NetApp Cloud Tiering is a service that enables automated, secure, and simple tiering of inactive (cold) data from your on-premises All-Flash FAS (AFF)... Read More