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Cloud Compliance and Data Privacy: What You Need to Know

The cloud is transforming the enterprise IT landscape—providing a platform for business innovation through greater agility and access to modern cloud-... Read More

Fast Track Your SAP Deployments in Azure with ANF

Increasingly, organizations are beginning to deploy SAP applications in Azure due to the platform’s numerous advantages for SAP requirements, includin... Read More

Google Cloud Storage: A New Option for Cloud Tiering Service

Object storage offers the best price and reliability for storing virtually unlimited amounts of unstructured data in the cloud. It does so without the... Read More

Is a Fully Managed Cloud Service Right for You?

When it comes to cloud computing, understanding the difference between DIY in the public cloud and managed cloud services can save your business a con... Read More

Getting Started With Cloud Insights

As cloud adoption matures across organizations of all sizes, IT teams face a new challenge: how to monitor and optimize resource usage across a multit... Read More

How to Test and Monitor AWS S3 Performance

For anyone using Amazon Web Services, the Amazon S3 service should be familiar. After all, it was the first commercial service available in AWS. This ... Read More

Cloud Backup Services: NetApp’s Fully Managed Backup-as-a-Service for Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Backing up your critical enterprise data is one of the most crucial parts of protecting your operations in the cloud. While this has traditionally bee... Read More

The Top 5 re:Invent Sessions for DevOps Professionals

Calling all DevOps engineers! Get ready for the 2019 AWS re:Invent to rock your DevOps world! Re:Invent, Amazon's premier global customer and partner ... Read More

Deploying High-Performing Stateful Apps in GKE

When it comes to cloud-native application development, we have reached a point where you can simply ask for a Kubernetes cluster, declare the state yo... Read More

Google Cloud Backup: Making the Most of Google’s Storage Tiers

One of the major benefits of cloud storage is the ability to provide backup at scale. For major cloud providers like Google Cloud, there is an added b... Read More