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How Well Do You Really Know Your Cloud?

The flexibility and frictionless ease with which public cloud resources and platforms can be provisioned and accessed are great enablers. The teams th... Read More

Data Tiering: Customer Case Studies with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Data is at the heart of most businesses, and is being generated at a dizzying rate. It has therefore become absolutely necessary that companies adopt ... Read More

How to Tier AFF Data to Amazon S3 with Cloud Tiering

Maintaining the balance between performance and cost is one of the major challenges faced by organizations when it comes to enterprise-level storage s... Read More

Bolstering SaaS and Subscription-Based Models with Cloud Volumes Service

The -as-a-Service (*aaS) business model has created an environment where “good enough” is never enough; customers clamor for additional capabilities a... Read More

Make the Most of Home Directories With Cloud Volumes Service

A home directory is a directory on a multi-user file system that typically stores files specific to an individual user of that system. These home dire... Read More

Cloud Native Batch Processing Just Got 6x Faster with ANF

Slower processing speeds and higher costs happen. And they’re understandable in certain circumstances; but four hours for batch processing in a cloud ... Read More

Looking for a Latency Reduction in AWS? Reduce Cloud Latency with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Latency is defined as the time taken for a data transaction request to complete a round trip between the sender and the receiver. The shorter the time... Read More

Everything is Cloud: Inside Your Data Fabric with CTO Jonsi Stefansson

On this edition of Inside Your Data Fabric, I had the pleasure of interviewing my long-time friend and colleague, Jonsi Stefansson, Chief Technology O... Read More

NetApp Kubernetes Service:
Cloud-Agnostic Container Orchestration

We’re in the midst of a major shift away from monolithic data centers. As enterprises take on microservices in the cloud, the ease of creating and dep... Read More

AWS Availability Best Practices: Placement Groups, Single Vs. Multi-AZ, and More

Business organizations make use of applications that require different levels of availability and different SLA objectives. How critical or demanding ... Read More