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What’s In Your Data?: Enterprise Data Protection Challenges in Cloud-Based Storage and File-Sharing

Cloud-based storage and file-sharing services: they're some of the most common examples of cloud technology. They're highly affordable, easy to use an... Read More

Azure Disk Pricing: Understanding Your Options

Azure provides several types of managed disks, which are virtual storage attached to Azure virtual machines (VMs). If you have a large number of VMs, ... Read More

Multicloud Deployment: Creating a Plan with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

A multicloud deployment needs to address the unique and often interdependent needs of three key layers: infrastructure, operations, and applications. ... Read More

SAP Uses in the Cloud: Case Studies with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Businesses worldwide utilize SAP systems to streamline their business workflows, and with the new prominence of the cloud, many SAP users are migratin... Read More

Meet Canada Data Sovereignty Requirements With ANF, Now in Canada!

We are happy to announce the availability of Azure NetApp Files in the Canada Central Region, enabling Canadian customers to deploy their file-based A... Read More

NetApp AFF Models and Cloud Tiering: An Overview

NetApp has a variety of AFF models to suit the IT demands of companies that range from medium-sized business to large enterprises. With the recent add... Read More

Enterprise Applications on Google Cloud: An Introduction to Cloud Volumes Service For GCP

[Note: This blog has been refreshed to reflect updated performance figures.]  NetApp and Google Cloud are proud to bring you Cloud Volumes Service for... Read More

CCPA Compliance: What Data Controllers Need to Consider

When the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) came into effect on 1 January, enterprises were forced to think again about the way they protect perso... Read More

Azure Kubernetes Service How-To: Configure Persistent Volumes for Containers in AKS

Kubernetes is the leading managed container orchestration platform preferred by customers deploying microservices-based architectures in the cloud. Az... Read More

How Azure NetApp Files Supports HPC Workloads in Azure

With the advent of cloud services and VM SKUs that offer massive compute power, Azure has become the preferred destination for the deployment and migr... Read More