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Understanding AWS High Availability: Compute, SQL and Storage

In this article, we’ll explain the concept of high availability and how to measure availability for IT systems. We’ll show how AWS can help you achiev... Read More

On-Premises Vs. Cloud: The Cost Comparison

Because of the innovations of driven developers, cloud architects, and engineers, cloud solutions now approach the performance levels of the tradition... Read More

Out-of-This-World Kubernetes Performance on Azure with Azure NetApp Files

On June 1, 2019, Microsoft announced the GA of their latest shared file service: Azure NetApp Files (ANF), a PaaS shared file service that supports bo... Read More

Azure High Availability: Basic Concepts and a Checklist

High availability is a quality of computing infrastructure that is important for mission-critical systems. High availability permits the computing inf... Read More

How to Switch Between Azure Blob Storage Tiers

The enterprise storage landscape caters to different types of data, with part of this data being actively used by applications on a day-to-day basis, ... Read More

Deploying Cloud Volumes ONTAP and OpenShift Using Ansible

OpenShift and Ansible go hand-in-hand, empowering DevOps engineers not only to automate the deployment of Kubernetes clusters in on-premises, hybrid, ... Read More

Approaches to Implementing On-Premises-to-Cloud Connectivity With Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

Most cloud-adopting organizations use a hybrid architecture, involving both on-premises and public cloud resources. There are myriad approaches to and... Read More

Myth Busting: Is Cloud Storage Faster Than On-Premises?

Even though  the cloud storage market has continued to grow into a multi-billion-dollar industry that’s expected to reach $207.05 billion by 2026, mis... Read More

AWS and Azure High Availability: Architectures, Service Options, and Benefits

High availability is the cornerstone of all IT architecture, making sure that enterprise workloads are protected from planned and unplanned outages. T... Read More

How to Use the gsutil Command-Line Tool for Google Cloud Storage

Using an object storage service is often the primary choice in cloud computing. Its benefits, including ease of use and small operational overhead, ar... Read More