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Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud – bringing high-performance file storage as a service to you

Analysts at Gartner estimate that upward of 80% of enterprise data today is unstructured stored in files.  Even native cloud applications often use fi... Read More

Watch: Setting Up a Disaster Recovery Copy with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

In the face of a cyberattack, a natural disaster, or even just run-of-the-mill maintenance, it’s essential to be able to quickly restore data, applica... Read More

SAP HANA on Azure NetApp Files: Cloud & AI in Retail & Transportation

“The goal should be for man and machine to complement each other in the workplace, with machines supporting human work.” —Luka Mucic, SAP Chief Financ... Read More

Become a Cloud Hero at Your Organization with Cloud Volumes Service

“Help!” Read More

Using NetApp’s Lift and Shift Capabilities to Escape the Data Center Doldrums

How do you know that the time has come to move from the data center to the cloud? Facing the prospect of increasing energy costs, potential data loss ... Read More

Secure File Sharing in the Cloud

Cloud-based file sharing supports seamless collaboration and the free flow of information across enterprises. However, improperly secured file shares ... Read More

Managing IoT Device Data with Cloud Volumes Service to Improve Retail Analytics

The way people shop is changing. Brick-and-mortar stores long ago began to give way to online retail giants, which offer both a broader selection and ... Read More

Using Cloud Manager REST APIs with Federated Access

OnCommand® Cloud Manager is the deployment and management tool for Cloud Volumes ONTAP, NetApp’s data management solution that provides protection, vi... Read More

How to Define an Effective Cloud Monitoring Strategy

Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Best Practices Monitoring is a skill, not a full-time job. In today’s world of cloud-based architectures implemented t... Read More

AWS HA: How to Set Up Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA Configuration in Multiple Availability Zones for Multiple VPCs

One way to achieve AWS high availability is to deploy a Cloud Volumes HA configuration for AWS in multiple AWS Availability Zones (AZs). This ensures ... Read More