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Is Your AFF Storage at Max Capacity?

All-Flash storage systems like NetApp’s All Flash Fabric-Attached (AFF) storage offer on-premises storage with speed and efficiency levels that are mu... Read More

Cloud File Sharing Services: Google Cloud Filestore

No matter which cloud you’re operating in, your file service needs to account for a large number of factors, as you can tell just by scrolling through... Read More

Using Amazon EKS with NetApp Cloud Volumes Service

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is a managed Kubernetes service from AWS that deploys and manages the Kubernetes control plane, while enabling... Read More

A CEO Speaks: Why Azure NetApp Files Delivers Better Cloud Transformation

"There are so many considerations when enterprises migrate to the cloud. Azure NetApp Files takes care of secure file migration, infrastructure archit... Read More

SREs: You, Too, Can Be Cloud Pioneers With CVS for Google Cloud

“Eureka!” Luke exclaimed with a sigh of relief. As an SRE with a system engineering background, Luke had spent months on end trying to rehost and oper... Read More

Azure NetApp Files + Shared Services Model: A Conduit for Transformation

The shared services model has been around in IT for several years. The model itself creates an outstanding opportunity for organizations to increase t... Read More

Geospatial Information Systems and the Cloud

Spatial Big Data (SBD) is at the core of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that use location-indexed geographic data to solve problems in many ... Read More

How to Integrate Your DevOps Tools with Cloud Volumes Service

NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for AWS is an enterprise-ready storage solution that helps cloud customers achieve on-premises storage service performan... Read More

Highlights of the 2019 State of the Cloud Report

It’s that time of year again: RightScale (now Flexera) has published the 2019 version of its annual State of the Cloud report. Read More

AWS Storage Tiers with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Cloud Volumes ONTAP from NetApp provides enterprise-class data management and data protection capabilities for workloads hosted in AWS by integrating ... Read More