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Deploy NFS and SMB Cloud Volumes Using a GUI or API

Imagine a cloud infrastructure that’s ready to support your needs as soon as you deploy your file-level applications. At the click of a button, your s... Read More

Snapshots Deep Dive: AWS Snapshots and Azure Snapshots

As public cloud adoption increases year after year and enterprises continue to migrate production data to the cloud, it’s important for stakeholders t... Read More

Cloud File Sharing with Talon Fast™ and Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Companies with distributed operations often suffer from highly localized and isolated silos of data. We can see from our global customers that about 8... Read More

The Kubernetes Dilemma: NetApp Kubernetes Service or DIY in the Cloud?

Kubernetes is without a doubt the leading container orchestration platform available on the market today. As with any open-source solution, there are ... Read More

Instant Cloud Database Backup & Restore with SnapCenter

The primary duty of every database administrator is to ensure the availability and durability of an organization’s databases. Database backups have fo... Read More

Azure Disaster Recovery: What You Need to Know

As organizations continue to move full steam ahead into the cloud, disaster recovery for applications hosted in the cloud is more important than ever.... Read More

Cloud Volumes ONTAP: Cloud Migration Case Studies

With the vast majority of enterprises already using the public cloud, the discussion of the benefits of cloud migration has shifted from low-cost and ... Read More

Cloud Tiering: How On-Prem Data Centers Can Benefit from Moving Data to the Cloud

Companies using trusted NetApp Fabric-Attached Storage (FAS) SSD drives or All-Flash FAS (AFF) arrays are generally happy with their on-prem data cent... Read More

Moodle in the Cloud

In the world of high-tech e-learning, Moodle is one of the largest and most dependable technologies available today.   Read More

WORM Storage Meets the Cloud: AWS, Azure, GCP and NetApp

Not all data is equal. Some of it is so sensitive or critical that it must be kept in a completely immutable form. For that purpose, organizations can... Read More