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A Low-Cost Performant World for VMware Cloud

Storage-heavy VMware users face a choice if they want to move host their VMware environment in VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS. AWS offers high performance,... Read More

Get the Most out of MySQL Databases in Cloud Volumes for AWS

MySQL is the most widely adopted open source relational database. It is the primary relational data store for many popular websites, applications, and... Read More

Cloud Volumes Service Metered Billing: Control Your Cloud Storage Bill

One of the cloud’s greatest advantages is its flexibility: cloud storage allows you to continuously right-size the infrastructure to fit your needs. Y... Read More

Programming with NetApp Cloud Volumes Service APIs To Optimize AWS Experience

[Note: This blog has been updated to reflect the newest information.] One of the most amazing things about the cloud is that cloud storage can be prov... Read More

Busting 5 Cloud Migration Myths

In the Oxford dictionary, the first definition of “myth” involves supernatural beings. We’re not going there. The second definition is “a widely held ... Read More

HPC on AWS: Reference Architecture for Hosting HPC Workloads in the Cloud

High-performance computing (HPC) drives the frontiers of science, finance, engineering, education, chemistry and genomics, and a host of other compute... Read More

The New Age in Genomics Cloud Computing: Breakthrough Speed and Security

The first whole human genome sequence took 20 years and $3 billion dollars to complete. The modern process takes a fraction of that time and cost. But... Read More

How to Become a DevOps Guru

Most software-powered organizations have seen the light when it comes to DevOps. It’s not a hard sell, as DevOps culture and best practices have prove... Read More

Is a Fully Managed Cloud Service Right for You?

When it comes to cloud computing, understanding the difference between DIY in the public cloud and managed cloud services can save your business a con... Read More

Get the Most out of AWS Cloud With Adjustable Performance Tiers

As an increasing number of organizations search for the best cloud for their needs, user experience has taken center stage as a primary focus in asses... Read More