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How to Become a DevOps Guru

Most software-powered organizations have seen the light when it comes to DevOps. It’s not a hard sell, as DevOps culture and best practices have prove... Read More

Is a Fully Managed Cloud Service Right for You?

When it comes to cloud computing, understanding the difference between DIY in the public cloud and managed cloud services can save your business a con... Read More

Get the Most out of AWS Cloud With Adjustable Performance Tiers

As an increasing number of organizations search for the best cloud for their needs, user experience has taken center stage as a primary focus in asses... Read More

Getting Ready to Move to the Cloud? Here are 4 Tools for Easy Cloud Migration

When an organization is considering moving workloads to the cloud, the inevitable questions that arise are how easy—or difficult—the process will be a... Read More

Avoid File Share Availability Nightmares: How Cloud Volumes Service for AWS Ensures Uptime

It’s the nightmare no business relying on shared file storage wants to go through: during peak usage time, screens start going dark for users all over... Read More

Cutting-Edge Storage for Container Technology: Container Data Storage in CVS for AWS

The popularity of containerized technology has been surging recently, and with it, the need for reliable persistent storage solutions. Stateful worklo... Read More

On-Premises Vs. Cloud: The Cost Comparison

Because of the innovations of driven developers, cloud architects, and engineers, cloud solutions now approach the performance levels of the tradition... Read More

Approaches to Implementing On-Premises-to-Cloud Connectivity With Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

Most cloud-adopting organizations use a hybrid architecture, involving both on-premises and public cloud resources. There are myriad approaches to and... Read More

How One Company Uses Cloud Volumes Service to Run Its RAC Workloads

Companies need the Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) database to ensure that their services are highly available at all times. But using Oracle R... Read More

How VMWare Cloud Users Access Cloud Volumes Service for AWS as a Guest OS

Keeping up the pace in a cloud-first world requires more than just watching as your workloads move to the cloud. VMware Cloud is an excellent solution... Read More