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Here to Serve Australia with a New Cloud Volumes Region in Sydney

Customers are quickly consuming Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud file services, following the general availability announcement in November 2019... Read More

SMB File Shares on Google Cloud: Reference Architecture

As organizations attempt to run enterprise apps in Google Cloud, or to modernize existing apps and build new ones, the available options for managing ... Read More

Enterprise Applications on Google Cloud: An Introduction to Cloud Volumes Service For GCP

[Note: This blog has been refreshed to reflect updated performance figures.]  NetApp and Google Cloud are proud to bring you Cloud Volumes Service for... Read More

February Update: NFSv4.1 & SMBv3 Multichannel Now Supported on Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud!

For every $1 invested in digital transformation programs, firms must spend another $3 modernizing legacy applications, according to the Gartner report... Read More

How to Manage Cloud Storage on Google Cloud with NetApp Cloud Volumes

As enterprise customers accelerate their adoption of public cloud, they increasingly demand high-performing, cloud storage. The demand is driven by th... Read More

Deploying High-Performing Stateful Apps in GKE

When it comes to cloud-native application development, we have reached a point where you can simply ask for a Kubernetes cluster, declare the state yo... Read More

Need to Deploy SAP on Google Cloud? Here’s How.

Some of the largest businesses run SAP applications. Increasingly, customers are running mission-critical SAP applications on Google Cloud to take adv... Read More

How Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud Is Shaping Global Healthcare

Cloud computing is shaping healthcare by supporting the logistics and database applications that enable lifesaving technologies to reach the shelf soo... Read More

Inside Your Data Fabric: Building Skyscrapers with Google’s Dean Hildebrand

For the last 20 years, Dean Hildebrand, Technical Director at Google Cloud, has worked on parallel file systems and HPC, even within the NFSv4 working... Read More

Cloud Volumes Service for GCP Enters Beta

The art of building enterprise-level data services is in abstracting the complexity from users. We apply this design principle daily, and we’ve used i... Read More