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Enabling Enterprise Customers to Thrive at the NetApp and Google Cloud Hands-On Lab

In a world where technology is changing our everyday lives, data-driven digital transformation is accelerating business outcomes. How can you use digi... Read More

Using NetApp’s Lift and Shift Capabilities to Escape the Data Center Doldrums

How do you know that the time has come to move from the data center to the cloud? Facing the prospect of increasing energy costs, potential data loss ... Read More

Managing IoT Device Data with Cloud Volumes Service to Improve Retail Analytics

The way people shop is changing. Brick-and-mortar stores long ago began to give way to online retail giants, which offer both a broader selection and ... Read More

Move Your Enterprise Apps to Google Cloud 10 Times Faster

Consider this scenario: One of your critical enterprise applications has come to a grinding halt. Your team is trying to figure out whether the enterp... Read More

NetApp Is the Gold-Standard Cloud Storage Solution for Global Healthcare

A Fortune 500 healthcare services company that improves the cost efficiency of global healthcare approached NetApp with a cloud storage quandary: How ... Read More

Windows Applications on Google Cloud Platform: A Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud SMB Story

If you’re a Google Cloud Platform customer, you need wait no longer for SMB3.0 support: NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud Platform is her... Read More

Running NFS and SMB in the Cloud: 5 Points to Consider When Migrating Your Application to the Cloud

The Fundamentals of Data Migration to the Cloud Before you begin your journey to cloud computing, consider taking a few steps to make the path a bit s... Read More

Enterprise Applications on Google Cloud: An Introduction to Cloud Volumes Service For GCP

NetApp and Google Cloud are proud to bring you Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud Platform. This blog focuses on identifying the envelope of the s... Read More

Accelerate Your Application Migration to Google Cloud Platform with NetApp Cloud Sync

As pointed out in our previous blog, the Cloud Volumes Service for GCP service provides application owners and DevOps engineers a no-ops file service ... Read More