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NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP Earns #1 Cloud Storage Management Vendor on IT Central Station

We’re proud to announce that Cloud Volumes ONTAP® has earned Top Vendor status for Storage Management on IT Central Station, the industry peer review ... Read More

Data Tiering: Customer Case Studies with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Data is at the heart of most businesses, and is being generated at a dizzying rate. It has therefore become absolutely necessary that companies adopt ... Read More

Officeworks Adopts a Cloud-First Strategy with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Officeworks, a major Australian-based office supplies retailer, first started using the cloud a few years ago. At first, the enterprise—which currentl... Read More

Geospatial Information Systems and the Cloud

Spatial Big Data (SBD) is at the core of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that use location-indexed geographic data to solve problems in many ... Read More

Cloud File Sharing with Talon Fast™ and Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Companies with distributed operations often suffer from highly localized and isolated silos of data. We can see from our global customers that about 8... Read More

Cloud Volumes ONTAP: Cloud Migration Case Studies

With the vast majority of enterprises already using the public cloud, the discussion of the benefits of cloud migration has shifted from low-cost and ... Read More

Cloud Volumes ONTAP Customer Case Studies: File Sharing in the Cloud

Cloud file sharing services and other cloud file services address one of the most important needs for enterprise companies today: the ability to share... Read More

Customer Case Studies: How Cloud Volumes ONTAP Solves DevOps Challenges

The culture of DevOps continuous integration and DevOps continuous deployment (CI/CD) is built on self-service provisioning and automated processes th... Read More

Cloud Disaster Recovery: Case Studies with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

As public cloud infrastructures mature and storage costs decrease, more and more enterprises are looking to the cloud to implement their disaster reco... Read More

One Cloud Out of Many: Why Enterprises Are Turning to Multicloud Architectures and Hybrid Cloud Architectures

There are many motivations for evolving from an entirely on-prem infrastructure to a hybrid or multicloud architecture. From the very beginning of the... Read More