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Windows Server Failover Clustering on AWS with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Windows Server Failover Clustering, commonly referred to as WSFC (historically, Microsoft Clustering Service, or MSCS) has long been a popular solutio... Read More

Handling Increased WFH Demands with VDI and Cloud Volumes ONTAP

The last few weeks events has reshuffled the deck and it’s not at all clear when we will be able to resume normal patterns of interaction and mobility... Read More

Cloud Computing in the Media and Entertainment Industry: Customer Case Studies with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Welcome to our series of blog posts that explore how Cloud Volumes helps various verticals meet their sector-specific challenges and reap all the bene... Read More

How Cloud Volumes ONTAP Accelerates Managed Service Providers

This article is part of a series on the cloud journeys of various verticals, with this one focusing on cloud managed service providers. Read More

SAP Uses in the Cloud: Case Studies with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Businesses worldwide utilize SAP systems to streamline their business workflows, and with the new prominence of the cloud, many SAP users are migratin... Read More

Cloud Cloning with FlexClone: Cloud Volumes ONTAP Customer Case Studies

Testing is a vital component in the developmental process for both startups and the largest enterprises. DevOps teams are charged with the task of set... Read More

VMware Cloud on AWS: How Fujitsu Saves Millions Using Cloud Volumes ONTAP

As one of the world’s leading technology companies, Fujitsu helps organizations around the world with systems integration and managed services. In thi... Read More

Government IT Case Studies with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

According to Gartner’s findings in “Understanding Cloud Adoption in Government,” organizations around the globe and across all verticals spend, on ave... Read More

Cloud Volumes ONTAP Feature Spotlight: Storage Efficiency Case Studies

While there are many compelling reasons to move your infrastructure to the cloud, dealing with storage costs can be a tricky business. If you aren’t c... Read More

Retail Success Stories with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

The retail industry has changed profoundly over the past decade. Retailers are no longer measured merely by the merchandise they sell, but also by how... Read More