On-Demand Webinar

Bring Data Closer To Where You Need It With FlexCache

  • Speaker: Christopher Hurley

    Technical Marketing Engineer
    NAS, FlexCache

  • Host: Oded Berman

    Product Marketing
    NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Efficient remote active data caching comes to Cloud Volumes ONTAP

On this webinar, we’ll discuss all of the details and use cases of remote active data caching, and the way it efficiently brings data copies closer to compute and users who need to access them.

This new, powerful caching capability on Cloud Volumes ONTAP provides:

  • Easier and effective global distribution of data.
  • Efficient collaboration across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.
  • Accelerated data access for remote resources.
  • Increased operational efficiency.
  • Faster development over distributed, siloed work sites.
  • And more.

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