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Cloud Backup is an ONTAP-native backup solution that delivers unmatched performance, reliability, and tons of automation.

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Whether you’re looking for a less expensive way to store your backups, a faster, more capable technology than NDMP, or an easy way to enable a 3-2-1 strategy, Cloud Backup offers the best backup solution for ONTAP.

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Direct backup of your ONTAP to object storage

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Set and forget

Cloud Backup simplifies the entire backup process. Any additional words will
underrate how intuitive it is.

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Unmatched performance

Cloud Backup automatically creates block-level incremental forever backups. These copies are stored in object format and preserve all ONTAP’s storage efficiencies. This is why your backups are 100X faster to create and restore.



Simple and cost-effective backup-as-a-service

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    Achieve 3-2-1 data protection

    Have an independent, reliable copy of your data with object storage, and 99.999999999% data durability.

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    End-to-end security

    Completely secured solution with encryption at-rest and in-flight, CMK support and private network connectivity.

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    Ransomware protection

    Protect yourself against cyber attacks, insider threats, and accidental deletion with independent immutable read-only backups.

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    Supported workloads

    Cloud Backup protects All your ONTAP data: NAS, K8s, Applications, VMs, and Databases.

    • nas-1NAS
    • Apps
    • VMs-cubeVMs
    • Databases
    • Kubernetes_logo_25K8s

Supported sources and destinations

  • SaaS + self-managed SW
  • All cloud regions


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Cloud Volumes ONTAP


Backup from Cloud Volumes ONTAP to Amazon S3

Restore from Amazon S3 to Cloud Volumes ONTAP or to ONTAPNote: Restore destination can be different from backup source

Cloud Volumes ONTAP


Backup from Cloud Volumes ONTAP to Azure Blob

Restore from Azure Blob to Cloud Volumes ONTAP or to ONTAPNote: Restore destination can be different from backup source

Cloud Volumes ONTAP


Backup from Cloud Volumes ONTAP to Google Cloud Storage

Restore from Google Cloud Storage to Cloud Volumes ONTAP or to ONTAPNote: Restore destination can be different from backup source

Backup from ONTAP to StorageGRID, Amazon S3, Azure Blob or Google Cloud Storage

Restore from StorageGRID to ONTAPNote: Restore destination can be different from backup source

Supported sources and destinations (7)

Cloud Backup TCO and savings

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Selected capabilities

  • Instant & granular data recovery
    • Restore as needed: full volume or individual files
    • Easily recover data volumes from a specific point-in-time
    • Restore the data to either its source system or to a different one
  • Indexed catalog
    • Focused search for a specific file across all backups
    • Narrow searches using multiple search criteria
    • The only cloud native technology: fast, lean, and cost-optimized
  • Archival tiers
    • The most economical storage tiers available
    • Multi-cloud support: Amazon S3 Glacier, Glacier Deep Archive, Azure Archive Storage, and Google Cloud Storage Archive
    • Set and forget service with minimal skills, labor, and time
  • Encryption
    • End-to-end encryption: AES-256 bit at rest and TLS/HTTPS in flight, including CMK support
    • Secured connectivity: Private network connectivity between source and destination, along with proxy support
    • Secured control plane: Multi-tenancy, RBAC, MFA, and SOC2-type2 certified
  • Cloud technology benefits
    • Move from CAPEX to OPEX
    • Mix-and-match BYOL and PAYGO
    • An easy and safe first step to your cloud strategy

Use cases

  • Cloud Backup & archive
    • Backups are stored on cloud object storage, separated from primary volumes to meet data protection requirements
    • Incremental forever block-level backups make it a perfect solution for large NAS data sets
    • Backups are offsite, satisfying the 3-2-1 backup strategy
    • An easy and safe first-step to a cloud strategy
  • Long-term archives
    • Archival tiers support: use the lowest-cost storage tiers available
    • Optimized for low costs: backups reside within an object storage system
    • Data stored in object storage is designed for 99.999999999% data durability
    • Easy Access: metadata for all of your archive data remains stored on the standard tier
  • 3rd site
    • Satisfies a 3-2-1 backup strategy where three copies of your data are stored on two different kinds of media, and one backup copy is offsite
    • Reduced costs: restore on a file or volume level at lower cost, high resiliency, and no management
    • Fast restoration: restore entire volumes or individual files with indexed catalog and direct restore
    • API control: all of Cloud Backup’s capabilities can be managed with RESTful and ONTAP programmatic capabilities
  • Backup modernization
    • Replace legacy tape with a solution that’s built for scale
    • Managed infrastructure: focus on managing backups instead of managing infrastructure
    • No learning curve: activate in two minutes and operate with intuitive flows
    • Easy and safe first-step to a cloud strategy
  • Ransomware protection
    • Independent copies are recoverable to any ONTAP even if the source doesn't exist anymore
    • The fastest restore possible: restores are done on a block-level, granularly, and with no middleman
    • End-to-end encryption: AES-256 bit at rest and TLS/HTTPS in flight, and with CMK support
    • Backups are read-only immutable copies and cannot be changed

The best backup for ONTAP comes from NetApp

What makes Cloud Backup stand out?

  • Performance
  • Automation
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Cost efficiency