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Fully Integrated Cloud Backup and Restore Service

Cloud Backup delivers seamless and cost-effective backup and restore capabilities for protecting and archiving Cloud and On-Premises ONTAP data.

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NetApp Cloud Backup is an add-on service for Cloud Volumes and on-premises ONTAP clusters that delivers backup and restore capabilities for protection, and long-term archive of your data. Backups are automatically generated and stored in an object store within your cloud account, independent of volume Snapshot copies used for near-term recovery or cloning, so that you can effortlessly restore data anytime and to anywhere you need it. By preserving storage efficiencies and performing block level incremental updates forever, Cloud Backup guarantees minimal data footprint to transfer, leading to optimal bandwidth consumption, reduced performance impact on production land meeting SLA.



To maintain high levels of security backup copies are stored in your own object storage. As well, data is end to end encrypted with AES-256-bit encryption at-rest and with TLS 1.2 HTTPS connections when in-flight.

Integrated into NetApp Cloud Manager, Cloud Backup can be easily enabled and scaled to keep your data safe and compliant, eliminating the complexities of backup and gain more flexibility at lower costs. All from a single endpoint.

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How it Works


Choose your Cloud Volumes or on-premises ONTAP cluster.


Set your backup retention policy for the selected volumes.


Sit back and relax, no need to configure anything else.

Why Cloud Backup

Automated set-and-forget backup service that protects you against data loss.

Traditional Backup Challenge



Complex Architecture to manage which requires steep learning curve

Simple & intuitive cloud-based backup service enabled with a click of a button


Expensive and non-scalable

Automatically shifts backup data to the public cloud where it is less expensive to maintain, infinitely scalable and without any management overhead


Performance stress and inability to meet backup windows for large data sets due to file level operation.

Block level incremental forever backup with storage efficiencies preserved

ic-cloud-data (1)

Doesn’t fit the new cloud mindset

API driven - fully integrated through Cloud Manager for unified user experience and automation

Supported Platforms

Use Cases


Cloud Backup & Archive

  • Backups are independent copies of your data volumes used for archive and recovery purposes.
  • Backups are stored on cloud object storage which is separated from primary volumes to meet data protection requirements.
  • Incremental forever, block-based backups, making it a perfect solution for large NAS data sets.
  • Backups are offsite, satisfies 3-2-1 backup strategy

Disaster Recovery

  • Separate location from primary data (object storage)
  • Recoverable to Cloud Volumes ONTAP in region

Ransomware protection

  • Backups are read only and immutable
    Protect against cyberattacks, Insider threats and Accidental deletion


  • Replace legacy tape solutions


Simple and Cost-Effective Backup-as-a-Service

  • ic-storage-2 Automated
    • Automated hassle-free backup service
    • Set and forget service with minimal skills and required manhours
    • Less risk of human errors
  • ic-cloud-benefits Reliable
    • Backing up to the cloud is reliable and ready to be used whenever you will need the data to be restored.
    • Ensures business continuity and minimizes data loss
  • ic-cost-saving-2 Backup Cost Reduction
    • Backups are stored on low-cost object storage.
    • You only pay for what you use.
    • After the initial backup, you are only charged for the changed data on the block level.
  • ew-tip-3-3 Cloud Technology Benefits
    • OPEX vs. CAPEX
    • Mix-and-match BYOL and PAYGO
    • Easy and safe first-step to a cloud strategy
    • Easy to Automate - fit for the new cloud personas such as Cloud Architects, DevOps practitioners, Developers, etc.
  • ic-pricing-3 Incremental and Scalable
    • Backups are created incrementally, and can scale as needed, providing more available space on your primary high-performance storage system with less cost.
    • Reduce data and storage footprint
  • ew-tip-3-3 Encrypted
    • Data is encrypted with AES-256-bit encryption at rest.
    • Data is encrypted with TLS 1.2 HTTPS connections in transit between ONTAP and the cloud object storage.
  • ic-integration-1 Instant & Granular Data Recovery
    • Easily recover data volumes from a specific point-in-time.
    • Restore the data to the source system or to a different system.
    • Restore as needed – full volume or individual files using browsable file catalog.

Customer Success Stories

It was perfectly what we needed: It allowed us to use our own S3 bucket within our AWS environment and meet strict internal policies for customers data management.

Digital eCommerce Software Company

Leveraging innovative ONTAP technologies, Cloud Backup is incremental at the block level and therefore it remains extremely cost efficient over time.

Digital eCommerce Software Company

These unique advantages made the decision to use Cloud Backup an easy one.

Digital eCommerce Software Company

Simplicity was the final consideration for enabling Cloud Backup since the service is fully integrated with Cloud Manager and through a few clicks we started using it.

Digital eCommerce Software Company



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