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Speed up your backups and lower your cloud storage costs with NetApp’s Cloud Backup


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01Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup is NetApp’s solution for backing up and archiving your data to the public or private cloud of your choice. Based on NetApp’s AltaVault technology, Cloud Backup will streamline your backups while reducing your cloud storage costs.

Whether you want to backup and archive to Amazon Web Services (AWS,) Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Platform (GCP,) StorageGRID Webscale or another cloud, we can protect your data to get it there quickly and securely. Cloud Backup ingests your data from your backup software, de-duplicates and compresses the data to save on transmission and cloud storage costs, caches the most recent backups for fast recoveries, and vaults all of the data to the cloud quickly and efficiently. With NetApp Cloud Backup you can go from zero to protected in less than 30 minutes.

NetApp Cloud Backup offers:

  • NetApp’s Cloud Backup appliance with fast, cloud-integrated backup capabilities
  • In-line de-duplication and compression for up to 30:1 data-reduction ratios
  • At-rest AES 256-bit and in-flight TLS encryption of data using a FIPS 140-2 level 1- validated platform
  • Support for multiple cloud tiers including AWS (S3 Standard, Infrequent Access (IA) and Glacier,) Azure Blob Storage (Hot, Cool and Archive,) and Google (Standard and Nearline)
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Shorter recovery times