logo-cloud-backupCloud Backup Service

Fully Managed Data
Protection Made Easy

Cloud Backup Service is an integrated feature for Cloud Volumes Service. It delivers fully managed backup and restore capabilities for protection, and long-term archive of your cloud data.

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Manage Smarter, Protect Easier

Cloud Backup/Archive
  • Backups are true individual copies of your data.
  • Backups are in the cloud and separate from the Cloud Volume, which satisfies data protection requirements.
  • Provides long-term archive and recovery, even when volume is deleted or unavailable.
Advanced Recovery Options
  • Cloud Backup Service compliments short-term Volume Snapshot instant recovery with durable long-term volume recovery.
  • Restore your data from point in time, at the hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly level.
Reduce Backup Expenses
  • After initial full backup of your data, all additional backups are block-based incremental.
  • Restore only what you need, when you need it to a Cloud Volume tier appropriate for your workload.

A Fully Managed Backup and Restore Service For Your Cloud Volumes Service data

NetApp Cloud Backup Service delivers fully managed backup and restore for NetApp Cloud Volumes Service. It is 100% cloud based.

The application, compute and storage resources are wholly in cloud, and no hardware needs to be deployed or managed on your premises or within your virtual private cloud. This allows you to utilize cloud infrastructure as an operating expense to run your applications, reducing costs, simplifying processes and accelerating your business.


Features & Pricing

Cloud Backup Service backups are billed per GB/month, based on the amount of
logical data protected by each backup. Cloud Backup Service restores are billed per
GB, based on the amount of logical data restored by each restore.

What data does it protect?

Cloud data (NetApp Cloud Volumes Service and Cloud Volumes ONTAP)

Service Model

Fully managed SaaS


Fully containerized, scale-out modern architecture integrated with Cloud Volumes through APIs

Licensing Model

Integrated; Available automatically via Cloud Volumes UI upon enabling backup


Per GB of Protected Data backed up per month, Per GB of Protected Data restored

Types of workloads supported

Windows file, Linux file


Data secured with AES-256 bit encryption at-rest and TLS 1.2 HTTPS connections in-flight