NetApp Solutions for AWS Storage

Extend Enterprise Storage To The Cloud  with NetApp's ONTAP Cloud


AWS Cloud Storage environment
Simple & Fast Enterprise AWS Storage
A powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-use solution for enterprise AWS storage. Take the same ONTAP enterprise data management software and data protection capabilities that businesses have depended on for years and brings them into the cloud, using ONTAP Clloud and Amazon Web Services.

ONTAP Cloud on AWS - Intro

ONTAP Cloud on AWS  - Intro

ONTAP Cloud on AWS - How it Works

ONTAP Cloud on AWS - How it Works
How Can My Business Leverage AWS Storage?

Production Workloads

Migrating business applications and mission critical operations to the cloud; simplified “Lift and Shift” without re-architecting

Disaster Recovery

Cost effective business continuity in AWS for as low as costs as low as $0.03 per GB per month, with Tiering to Amazon S3.


 Automate and orchestrate lightning-fast development and test environments

File Shares

 Replace or extend your on premise NAS shares with cloud and grow as you go

Database Management

Maintain and manage MYSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, NoSQL on AWS