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NetApp Cloud Tiering service extends your on-premises ONTAP clusters to the cloud by combining their SSD storage with a low-cost object storage of your choice to one pool. Without compromising on manageability and performance, Cloud Tiering efficiently manages your storage pool by seamlessly placing your data at the right tier at the right time, based on its usage.

Infrequently-accessed data is moved to the cloud-based object storage, while frequently-accessed data remains on local SSDs. Tiered data is always visible and fully accessible for use without any changes to the application layer. Whenever tiered data is requested, it is brought back to the performance tier for optimal use.



How it Works


Automatically discovers your on-premises ONTAP clusters and connects them to the object storage service of your choice.


Associate tiering policies to your volumes and data will be placed at the right tier at the right time based on its usage.


All that’s left for you is to manage, monitor and gain visibility on your savings and enjoy the cloud.

Why Cloud Tiering

Cloud Tiering turns the challenging process, of identifying and moving infrequently accessed data, to an automatic and seamless one with zero changes to the applications layer.




Your Data growth is exceeding forecasts 

Combine on-premises storage with the cloud


New projects expand the need for high-performance storage

Optimize usage and reclaim SSD storage


Privacy regulations mandate long-term data retention

Tier cold data to a highly durable and cheap cloud storage

ic-cloud-data (1)

Cloud migration can be complex, slow and expansive

Seamlessly migrate just the data you feel comfortable to store in the cloud


Your high-performance storage TCO is rising

Use “Pay-As-You-GO” subscription and cut upfront costs of future purchases



Pay as You Go


Per GB Per Month

Pay as You Go

Via Cloud Provider Marketplace

12 Months Subsription


Per GB Per Month

12 Months Subscription

BYOL Resell


Via Cloud Provider Marketplace

36 Months Subscription


Per GB Per Month

36 Months Subscription

BYOL Resell


Via Cloud Provider Marketplace

Customer Success Stories


Connecting the on-prem device to object storage on an AWS allows us to not only save money but also scale our on-prem environments.

Marcus MaschingHead of IT Computing Services, Festo

The storage team wanted to extend capacity of existing infrastructure. Cloud Tiering was used to immediately tier 200 TB of snapshots and cold data to Azure Blob object storage.

Cloud Solution Architect

100 TB of data tiered to object storage while saving money on hardware, electricity and space.

Senior Cloud Architect

Cloud Tiering in Numbers

  • Optimized Storage


    70 ic


  • Extended Capacity

    Up to

    ic-x x-50

    More Space

  • Reduced TCO


    42 ic

    Cost Savings

  • Application Layer




Cloud Tiering Supported Cloud Platforms


  • ic-data-center Zero-effort data center extension to the cloud
    • No changes to the application layer
    • Maintain current workflow and processes
    • Same ONTAP technology and tools
  • ic-storage-2 Enables AFF storage capacity optimization and scaling
    • Free up valuable AFF space and use for more workloads – do more with less
    • Scale your capacity by up to x50
  • ic-pricing-3 Cost reduction
    • Reduce expensive data center footprint
    • Shift most of the data (avg 80%) to low-cost storage in the public cloud
    • No upfront costs, pay as you go and only for data that is tiered
  • ic-cloud-benefits Cloud technology benefits
    • OPEX vs. CAPEX
    • Mix-and-match BYOL and PAYGO
    • Easy and safe first-step to a cloud strategy
  • ew-tip-3-3 Management layer and tools enable
    • Unified, friendly user interface
    • Automation of cloud settings
    • Monitoring and reports
    • Tiering policy configuration and optimization