Cloud Tiering

Reduce storage costs by automatically tiering infrequently-used data to object storage in the cloud. Cloud Tiering enables you to provide high-performance storage for a larger set of applications at lower cost

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About Cloud Tiering

NetApp’s Cloud Tiering service allows you to retain your on-prem, high performance AFF storage and combine it with the benefits of cloud economics, leveraging the low costs of a cloud tier on Azure Blob, Amazon S3, and IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Based on NetApp FabricPool technology, Cloud Tiering identifies infrequently-used data in your on-prem storage and automatically and seamlessly moves that data to lower-cost object storage in the cloud, leaving frequently-used data on the high-performant, data center storage system. When the infrequently-used tiered data is needed again, the service will automatically and seamlessly move it back to the high-performance tier.

Key Features


Lower Costs

Tier most of your data to low-cost object storage in the cloud


High Performance

Retain high-performance for your frequently-used data


Storage Agility

Pay only for the cloud object storage that you consume


Resources Optimization

Make high-performance storage available for more workloads


Smart Management

Automatic, seamless transfers between the performance and capacity tiers


Configurable Policies

Modify cooling periods and tiering policies per your data requirements

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