Cloud Volumes Service

The industry’s leading Network File System (NFS/SMB)
service in the cloud

Predictable performance and ease of integration with cloud
services such as analytics, database and other native services.
Supports cloud-only and/or hybrid cloud environments with
seamless data migration.

Google Cloud
Global Availability

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google
Cloud Platform

Cloud-native file storage service drives rapid analytics, simplicity and continuous delivery

Achieve fast performance, scale, and security for your file based applications and expedite the move of your analytics to the cloud to make data driven decisions faster.

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Google Cloud Platform Resources


NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

A fully-managed service with advanced data management capabilities

Move your workloads to the cloud sooner with broad protocol support. Match capacity and performance to your application needs and attain persistent storage without adding complexity.

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Pricing based on Annual License costs, Click here to see full pricing details


Supports Standard Performance which provides 1000 IOPS per TB (16k IO) and  16MB of throughput per TB

Use Cases

  • General purpose file shares
  • Web serving
  • File backup, home directories

Starting from

$ 0.10 / GB per month


Supports Premium Performance which provides 4000 IOPS per TB (16k IO) and  64MB of throughput per TB

Use Cases

  • Virtualized applications
  • General purpose databases
  • SW development repositories
  • Media repositories

Starting from

$ 0.20 / GB per month


Supports Extreme Performance which provides 8000 IOPS per TB (16k IO) and 128MB of throughput per TB

Use Cases

  • High performance applications
  • Analytics

Starting from

$ 0.30 / GB per month

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