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Extreme Performance for File Services

Fully managed, cloud service that enables you to move your mission-critical workloads and applications to the cloud, and manage them with ease.


About Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

Fully Managed File Service
NetApp configures and manages your infrastructure so you don‘t have to.
High Performance

With consistently high performance, over 450K IOPS, NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service provides shared persistent storage with high throughput and low latency that meets the demands of large databases and HPC applications, like software builds, genomic sequencing, video rendering and transcoding, EDA., financial simulation models, oil and gas 3D modeling, and fluid dynamics.

Multiprotocol Support

Cloud Volumes Service for AWS delivers fully managed file services for NFS, SMB, and dual protocol support.

  • Move NFSv4.1 and SMB workloads to the cloud without refactoring.
  • No need to manage Windows or Linux servers just to provide file services.

High Performance Computing

To process, store, and analyze massive amounts of data, your shared file service needs lightning-fast, highly reliable storage solutions. Cloud Volumes Services for AWS is up to the challenge. It enables running HPC workloads in the cloud that benefits from elastic computing. This can be far less expensive than running on-prem and takes significantly fewer resources.

  • Customer Challenges Customer Challenges

    After failing to meet their performance goals with self-managed, cloud-based NFS servers and cloud-native file share services, WuXi NextCODE found that only Cloud Volumes Service delivered the performance they needed to optimize their use of massive genomic data. With Cloud Volumes Service they can rapidly integrate data on-the-fly to deliver unprecedented computational efficiency to their customers.

  • ic-solution Solution

    NetApp Cloud Volumes Service was compared against alternative cloud services. It successfully completed tests that the other services were unable to run without timeouts or failures.

  • ic-results Results with Cloud Volumes Service for AWS
    • Extreme performance allows workloads to run faster in the cloud
    • Reduced cost associated with running HPC workloads that benefit from elastic computing
    • Simplified migration of NAS applications because no refactoring is required.

Windows File Shares

Cloud Volumes Service for AWS provides scalable, highly available, high performance SMB shares with snapshots and full integration with Active Directory (standard and AWS managed). CVS supports SMB 2.1, 3.0 and 3.1.1 which enables all Windows versions in AWS to leverage CVS.

  • ic-challenge-1 Customer Challenges

    A software development firm wanted to migrate its Windows-based application to the cloud, but found that a lack of support for SMBv3 required them to either refactor their data or build their own SMB shared storage and file service solution. Upon deciding to build their own, they quicky found that the undertaking required additional resources and personnel that strained their budget.

  • ic-solution Solution

    They tested Cloud Volumes Service because it provided a solution for cloud based shared storage for Windows Server without all the overhead and administration involved in a build-your-own solution. They were able to free up engineers and resources to speed up their development cycle and get their software to market faster.

  • ic-results Results with Cloud Volumes for AWS
    • Easy migration of Windows applications and users because no refactoring was required.
    • Saved money by no longer needing to maintain servers on-premises.
    • Reduced complexity of supporting SMBv3 in the cloud by providing an alternative to creating and managing their own cloud-based Windows storage server or a Samba server. 

Critical Infrastructure Applications

Many critical business workloads and processes require multiple applications working together consistently and reliably. If a link fails, the entire business process is impacted. To move critical business processes to the cloud you need to be able to provide file services that provide consistent, predictable performance as well as high availability. Cloud Volumes Service for AWS provides the required availability, performance and simplicity needed..

  • ic-challenge-1 Customer Challenges

    >A company needed to migrate cloud infrastructure applications that were critical to their revenue generating operations. The applications demanded consistently high performance and availability that other cloud file services didn’t offer. The organization needed a cloud service, rather than VMs to run and OSes to patch. Running Linux or Windows servers for their NFS and SMB file shares added cost and complexity, and did not provide the performance and availability needed.

  • ic-solution Solution

    Cloud Volumes Service for AWS offered support for both their NFS and SMB protocols, as well as three rapidly adjustable performance tiers. The company was able to consistently obtain up to 450k IOPS. Their data at rest is also encrypted by Cloud Volumes Service, adding an extra layer of security.

  • ic-results Results with Cloud Volumes Service for AWS
    • Greater than 50% reduction in time spent maintaining services and infrastructure
    • Greater than 50% reduction in costs
    • Able to swiftly move critical applications to the public cloud

Customer Stories


We always had some time outs or some file failures, but when we tested this using NetApp Cloud Volumes, it actually finished in less than an hour. That was a great breakthrough for us.

Cloud Engineering Manager

We love how NetApp has invested, leaning forward into the cloud, so that we can enable our customer’s success.

Manager, Procurement, Software Developer

By combining NetApp’s and Cascadeo’s expertise and learnings, we can help enterprises get complex workloads up-and-running on AWS quickly and drive better RoI.

Jared Reimer, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Cascadeo


Metered (pay-as-you-go) or Contract (monthly, annual) subscriptions.


Supports Standard Performance which provides 4000 IOPS per TB (4k IO) and 16MB of throughput per TB

Starting from


$ 0.10 / GB per month


Supports Premium Performance which provides 16000 IOPS per TB (4k IO) and 64MB of throughput per TB

Starting from


$ 0.20 / GB per month


Supports Extreme Performance which provides 32000 IOPS per TB (4k IO) and 128MB of throughput per TB

Starting from


$ 0.30 / GB per month


  • ic-storage-3 Three Performance Tiers

    Choose the performance level that best suits your application requirements and adjust on-the-fly... without having to move your data.

    Standard | 16MB / second throughput per allocated TB

    Premium | 64MB / second throughput per allocated TB

    Extreme | 128MB / second throughput per allocated TB

  • ic-snapmirror-1 Guaranteed SLAs

    Cloud Volumes Service for AWS is the only cloud file service to provide guaranteed SLAs based on:

    • Performance Service Level
    • Availability Service Level
    • Downtime Service Level
  • ic-tiering-2 Rich Data Management

    Cloud Backup Service is an integrated add-on feature for Cloud Volumes Service. To protect your data, it delivers fully managed backup and restores capabilities and a long-term archive of your cloud data.

  • ic-cloning-6 Multi Protocol Support

    Cloud Volumes Service for AWS is a fast, highly available and enormously scalable platform for creating cloud-based NFS and SMB file systems for UNIX and Windows platforms.

  • ic-encryption-2 Advanced Data Management

    Cloud Sync – Cloud Sync is NetApp’s service for rapid and secure data synchronization.

    Whether you need to transfer files between on-premises file shares and Cloud Volumes Service for AWS or between Cloud Volumes in different regions, Cloud Sync copies the files where you need them quickly and securely.

    Cloud Sync is integrated and included for free with Cloud Volumes Service for AWS.

    SnapShot Copies – Our zero-footprint snapshot copies don‘t cost you additional cloud data capacity.

    You can run Snapshots manually or on a set schedule.

    Rapid Clones – Create new copies of datasets based on a clone of a point-in-time snapshot copy.

    Data Encryption – All data at rest is encrypted by default, so your data is always protected.


Cloud Volumes Service for AWS Global Availability Map

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