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File Storage for Google Cloud

A Google Cloud integrated file service with the performance, availability, and security required to efficiently run your business-critical applications.

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Secure, Protect and Accelerate your File Storage for Google Cloud

Enterprise Applications in the Cloud
  • Cloud-native storage that eliminates the need to refactor your applications‘ data planes.
  • Solve your applications’ availability, protection, and data management problems – instantly.
Cloud Native Storage for Cloud Native Applications
  • Simple, flexible, and automated storage for application development tools.
  • Persistent storage for stateful microservices in Kubernetes.
Cloud Analytics for Unstructured Data
  • Provide standard file interfaces, directory structure and permissions required by the most common analytics tools
  • Run batch and real time analytics on your unstructured datasets


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Enterprise Applications

Shared access to file data such as configuration/binary files or even application
datasets natively in Google Cloud.

  • ic-challenge-1 Customer Challenges

    A global healthcare company’s immediate business initiative was to move their enterprise applications to Google Cloud. These applications required NFS & SMB interfaces and could not be re-architected.

  • ic-solution Solution

    Cloud Volumes Service gave the company’s application teams an easy way to provision NFS & SMB shares with the high performance and availability required. Additional capabilities, like snapshots and rapid copies allowed them to protect and gain value from their data sets.

  • ic-results Results with Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud
    • Moved multiple enterprise applications to Google Cloud 10X faster than expected.
    • Improved application user experience and application reliability.
    • Simplified operations through NetApp’s fully managed service.

Windows Based Applications

Move, deploy and run Windows based applications easily, more securely and
more cost-effectively on Google Cloud.

  • ic-challenge-1 Customer Challenges

    A major manufacturing company was struggling with their cloud-first initiative, which involved migrating their custom built Windows based application to Google Cloud requiring shared SMB endpoints.

  • ic-solution Solution

    Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud was the only SMB capable file service that could give them a simple path to build out a hybrid infrastructure that could deliver a high-performance file share to support their Windows-based application with low latency.

  • ic-results Results with Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud
    • Simple and fast deployment of high-performance SMB service.
    • Faster migration to Google Cloud without refactoring applications
    • Reduce data sprawl with built-in data protection without adding cloud capacity.

Atlassian Suite: Confluence and Jira


CVS for GC

  • ic-challenge-1 Customer challenges

    A world-renowned lifestyle, clothing, and accessories retailer wanted to build a multicloud-ready environment that could scale horizontally across the entire organization and provide seasonal burst capabilities. However, their Atlassian applications couldn’t be refactored, and so they couldn’t move the unstructured files that belonged to them. The solutions they tried fell short of the performance and data protection capabilities they needed.

  • ic-solution-1 Solution

    Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud was the only NFS and SMB capable file service that provided a holistic solution and met the requirements of workloads that called for high reliability in production. It also provided the necessary protection for their business-critical data through its backup, snapshot copy, and replication capabilities.

  • ic-results Results
    • Service reliability improved by 30% relative to on-premises performance
    • Standardized process of migrating the unstructured data layer of other applications to the cloud
    • Faster migration of unstructured data layers to Google Cloud without refactoring applications

Customer Stories

Having NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud 
means our application teams don’t need to be storage 
experts; this has been a huge win for us!

Cloud Engineering Manager

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud is 
so simple to use; it’s perfect and feels just like a part 
of Google Cloud

Cloud Engineer

I just created a Cloud Volume on a plane, 
from my iPhone.

Cloud Architect

If you need NFS or SMB in your GCP cloud infrastructure,
check out NetApp's new Cloud Volumes service, available today in  the cloud console at the bottom under "Partner Solutions".

Cloud Architect

Google Cloud and NetApp Cloud Volumes helped us move high performance file workloads that we thought would take months or years to refactor.

VP Cloud Services, Cardinal Health

Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud Platform has enabled us to develop an agile and flexible enterprise grade platform for our customers with ease and simplicity.

Roger Kjensrud, CTO, Impact


  • ic-storage-3 Multiple Performance Tiers

    Choose the performance level that best suits your application requirements without having to move your data.

    • Standard | 16MB / second throughput per provisioned TB
    • Premium | 64MB / second throughput per provisioned TB
    • Extreme | 128MB / second throughput per provisioned TB
  • ic-snapmirror-1 Standard File Interfaces

    Everything your app expects: POSIX compliant NFS and Standard SMB interfaces for UNIX and Windows platforms

  • ic-tiering-2 Advanced Data Management

    Get built-in, advanced features for your application data environments:

    SnapShot Copies - Increase your application resiliency by taking more snapshot copies that do not impact your performance, time or capacity.

    Rapid Clones - Get your application and services to market faster with rapid, low cost data copies.

    Data Encryption - All data at rest is encrypted by default so your data is always protected.

  • ic-tiering-2 Metered Service

    Only pay for the capacity you allocate with hourly granularity

  • ic-cloning-6 Fully Managed Service

    Consume file storage without infrastructure maintenance burdens (patching, scaling, etc.)

  • ic-encryption-2 Native Service Experience

    Seamless integration with Cloud Console interface, IAM and StackDriver

  • ic-snapmirror-1 Integrated Support

    Supported by Google Cloud to allow end-to-end troubleshooting and rapid resolution

  • ic-snapmirror-1 Integrated Billing

    Directly billed by Google Cloud on monthly invoice. No need to manage bills from multiple vendors



Supports Standard Performance which provides 4000 IOPS per TB (4k IO) and 16MB of throughput per TB

Starting from


$ 0.10 / GB per month


Supports Premium Performance which provides 16000 IOPS per TB (4k IO) and 64MB of throughput per TB

Starting from


$ 0.20 / GB per month


Supports Extreme Performance which provides 32000 IOPS per TB (4k IO) and 128MB of throughput per TB

Starting from


$ 0.30 / GB per month


Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud
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