logo-cvsCloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud

A Faster Path to Faster Enterprise Apps on Google Cloud

A Google Cloud integrated file service with advanced data management capabilities that are simple to use and deliver the performance, availability and security required to migrate and run your enterprise workloads in the cloud.

Built for Enterprise Performance and Security. Designed for Simplicity.

Why Customers Choose NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud

Key Benefits

  • ic-data-center-3 Run your most demanding Windows, SAP and VMware workloads in the cloud

    Migrate and run complex, performance-intensive and latency-sensitive applications with no code-change.

  • ic-controls-3 Get complete performance control

    Change storage and capacity on the fly as your data access needs grow or shrink over time.

  • ic-time-2 Speed up time to market

    Increase application resiliency by taking near-instant snapshot copies of your data that don’t impact performance, time or capacity.

  • ic-encryption-3 Protect data across regions

    Provide network-efficient replicas of your volumes across regions to help ensure business applications can continue in the event of a regional outage.

  • ic-secure-Aug-31-2020-04-13-31-47-PM Increase security

    Separation of the control plane and data plane give you increased control and security. This can increase your organization’s overall regulatory compliance without compromising user experience.

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How Customers Are Using Cloud Volumes Service

  • Windows
  • SAP
  • VMware
  • EUC & VDI
  • Other



Simplify Windows File Server Deployments on Google Cloud

Cloud Volumes Service is the only cloud-native file service available on Google Cloud that supports Windows file shares.

  • Simplify Windows file server deployments to support file server consolidation, virtual desktop infrastructure, and application migration
  • 70% Windows infrastructure savings - quick ROI
  • 10X faster Windows workspace replication
  • 30X faster Windows application build times

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Accelerate Your Move to SAP HANA on Google Cloud

Complete your SAP deployments in less time, with fewer resources, higher quality, and lower delivery risk. Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud is now certified for use with SAP HANA on Google Cloud. Here’s how it’ll make your whole life a lot better:

  • Amazing SAP performance
  • Simplified database backups
  • Seamless SAP HANA migrations

Cloud Volumes Service is the go-to for SAP customers.

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Run VMware-Based Applications in Google Cloud

Seamlessly migrate your on-premises VMware workloads to Google Cloud without having to rearchitect or refactor your applications.

  • Leverage the value of your existing VMware investment while maintaining operational continuity
  • Avoid complex data management, hardware refreshes and procurement cycles

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Support Remote-Access Workers

Move desktops to the cloud in a shorter amount of time and still ensure that they are performant, secure, available and economical.

  • Manage VDI shared storage resources across regions and easily migrate persistent desktops and home directory data from on-premises
  • Empower your workforce to work from anywhere with agility and performance

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Deploy More Applications on Google Cloud

Cloud Volumes Service is ideal for multiple use cases including: high-performance computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), Cloud Native SaaS, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Data Analytics, Genomics Processing, and Web Content Management.

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Top Features of Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud

Boost your application and business performance with the leading shared file storage on Google Cloud.


  • ic-flexible Flexible storage and capacity that can change on the fly

    With four service tiers that can be changed on demand, you can find the right performance fit for your workload and adjust as the nature of your application changes. Performance for each cloud volume scales with the amount of allocated capacity, so performance isn’t limited as your dataset size grows. You can also increase or decrease the allocated capacity on the fly without having to worry about adding or deleting underlying nodes.

  • ic-support-2 High availability built-in and supported with 99.9% SLA

    Cloud Volumes Service is regional, allowing application instances in any of the Google Cloud zones in each region to access the same NFS volume without the need to create and manage a zonal Linux cluster. This design helps to avoid unnecessary zonal egress charges and delivers service unaffected by zonal outages.

  • ic-snapshot Easy snapshot copies that don’t impact performance

    NetApp® Snapshot™ technology lets you automate or manually create point-in-time representations of your data for restoring databases or shared file systems without downtime. Snapshots are simple and nondisruptive, creating a read-only view that enables applications to access older file versions and directory hierarchies without additional workflows.

  • ic-secure-1 Data encryption by default so you’re always protected

    At-rest AES 256-bit encryption protects data without compromising application performance. Additionally, NetApp’s separation of the control plane and data plane gives you increased control and security. This single-source solution can increase your organization’s overall regulatory compliance without compromising user experience.

  • ic-protocols Support for multiple protocols

    With Cloud Volumes Service, you get support for NFSv4.1 protocol for applications needing secure, stateful session connectivity to file volumes and support for SMBv3 multichannel for improved throughput on Windows workloads.

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Customer Stories


Google Cloud and NetApp Cloud Volumes helped us move high performance file workloads that we thought would take months or years to refactor.

VP Cloud Services, Cardinal Health

Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud Platform has enabled us to develop an agile and flexible enterprise grade platform for our customers with ease and simplicity.

Roger Kjensrud, CTO, Impact

Thanks to NetApp, we successfully migrated 100 million+ files into Google Cloud.

Nikola Milojević, Head of Infrastructure / DevOps Team Lead, MailerLite

Pricing Tiers That Match Your Needs

Get started for as little as $4/day.* With four service levels (Standard, Standard SW, Premium and Extreme) that can be changed on demand, you can find the right performance fit for your workload and adjust as the nature of your application changes.


4,000 IOPS per TiB (4K IO) and 16MiB. Use cases include:

  • Web serving
  • Rich media content for apps
  • File backup
  • Home directories

Starting from


$ 0.10 / GB
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4,000 IOPS per TiB (8k IO) and 32MiB. Use cases include:

  • Linux and SAP shared files
  • File and VMware repositories
  • CI/CD workflows
  • Persistent volumes for Kubernetes development

Starting from


$ 0.25 / GB
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16,000 IOPS per TiB (4K IO) and 64MiB. Use cases include:

  • Virtualized applications
  • General purpose databases
  • Code & artifact repositories
  • Application transfer bus

Starting from


$ 0.20 / GB
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32,000 IOPS per TiB (4K IO) and 128MiB. Use cases include:

  • High performance computing
  • OLTP

Starting from


$0.30 / GB


Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud
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Click ‘Purchase’ and choose the appropriate pricing tier that best fits your use case


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