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Fully Managed Enterprise File Service

Consume enterprise file services with cloud like agility on your premises.

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About Cloud Volumes Service for On Premises

NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for On Premises is a fully managed storage service that offers the advantages of a public cloud storage service while maintaining your data on your premises.

With Cloud Volumes Service for On Premises, you get high-performance file services (NFS and SMB), a choice of three performance tiers, and advanced features such as efficient snapshots and rapid cloning, all with simple monthly billing.

This fully redundant storage and software solution with proven reliability is deployed, monitored, and serviced remotely by NetApp Support technicians. In the event of a possible device failure, predictive analytics notify NetApp Support to service the system, preventing resource outages.



  • ic-manage-1 Simple Management

    Easily manage your file services on the premises or in the cloud through an intuitive UI or through RESTful APIs.

  • ic-cloning-5 Multiprotocol Support

    Export volumes through NFS and SMB concurrently.

  • ic-tiers-6 Flexible Performance

    Dynamically choose from three performance tiers (configurable by volume) to meet your current and future application requirements.

  • ic-add-on Scaling on Demand

    Add new capacity dynamically as your needs change.

  • ic-pricing-6 Easy Procurement

    Simple, predictable pricing with monthly billing that’s based on your subscribed capacity (minimum 100TB commitment).


Performance Service Levels

Pricing is determined by performance tier and by length of commitment.
A minimum of 100TB capacity is required. Contact your NetApp sales representative for details.

Performance Tier
Supports Performance
up to
Use Cases
Basic Features
Advanced Features
Performance Tier
Supports Performance
up to
32,000 IOPS per TB (4K I/O)
128MBps of throughput per TB
16,000 IOPS per TB (4K I/O)
64MBps of throughput per TB
4,000 IOPS per TB (4K I/O)
16MBps of throughput per TB
Use Cases
High-performance applications
Virtualized applications
General-purpose databases
Software development repositories
Media repositories
General-purpose file shares
Web serving
File backup, home directories
Basic Features
Multiprotocol support (NFS, SMB)
Advanced Features
Snapshots, instant volume copy
1-year or 3-year commitment
Minimum capacity: 100TB


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