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Big Data with Amazon EMR

Managing short-term and long-term analytics workloads

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Complicated Sizing and Increased Costs

Amazon EMR provides a variety of capabilities that eliminate some of the complexities surrounding analytics workloads management. However, some considerable challenges still remain. Sizing an EMR cluster that is going to run on a dynamic data set of a growing size, dealing with the capacity limits of Amazon EBS volumes, the HDFS 3x replication factor, and added Amazon S3 charges for API calls all introduce additional complexity and costs.


Decouple EMR from Native Storage Services

With the help of the NetApp In-Place Analytics Module, EMR clusters can get access to data managed by Cloud Volumes ONTAP using NFS. With Cloud Volumes ONTAP’s NAS capabilities, you get the advantages of EMR without having to consume additional storage, replicate existing data sets, or make endless of API calls to Amazon S3, saving significant costs and operational efforts.


Two years ago, the idea of experimenting with customer data from
the world’s largest retailers would have been impossible. Today, 
because of our relationship with NetApp, we can quickly 
experiment with their entire database to gain insights that were
never possible before.

Abdul Masri CEO, Wirestorm

How it Works

Create NFS volumes for big data

Install NetApp In-Place Analytics Module (NIPAM)

Mount NFS volumes to 
EMR clusters

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Significant savings by reducing the amount of EMR clusters, eliminating the need for three HDFS copies and the substantial amount of S3 API calls.



NetApp data cloning technology allows you to instantly deploy volume clones on which you can run variations of analytics while keeping your main volumes dedicated to production workloads.



Robust data reliability with NetApp Snapshots, data replication, and high availability pair deployments.




Get Block and File Storage for the price of Object Storage

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