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Cloud Block Storage inconsistency

Block storage is offered as a service by all major cloud providers. But it these services differ between cloud providers and lack features that are available on on-premises block storage, such as storage efficiencies, built-in data resilience, replication and cloning tools.


Centralized, cost effective and resilient

Cloud Volumes ONTAP provides centrally managed high-performance block storage with enhanced resilience delivered natively on AWS, Google Cloud and Azure. Simply attach Cloud Volumes ONTAP block storage to one or multiple cloud-based applications, databases and containers and get built-in backup, security, and performance monitoring. Cloud Volumes runs within your VPC/VNet and utilizes cloud disks (block) and buckets (object) to optimize performance while reducing storage costs.

How it works


  • 1

    Create iSCSI block volume

  • 2

    Mount on compute instance

  • 3

    Migrate data to block volumes

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    High availability with data loss prevention (RPO=0) and automatic quick failover (RTO < 60sec).

    98% less time to recover from outages with NetApp Snapshots.

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    Multiple concurrent writes and intelligent caching for increasing response time and reducing latency.

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    Built in storage efficiencies that drastically reduce storage costs and auto-tiering infrequently-used data to object storage.

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    Hybrid multi-cloud consistency

    Rapid “lift and shift” applications that use iSCSI data to the cloud without rearchitecting.

    Same capabilities across on-premises and different cloud environments.

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    Instant, non-disruptive data cloning for creating testing environments out of production data.


Get block and file storage for the price of object storage.

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