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It Is Worth the Cost and Effort?

Disaster Recovery (DR) for production data has always been a business-critical matter to be carefully considered and implemented. However, the amount of resources needed, costs of setting up, testing and maintaining a secondary data center are very high, especially considering organizations rarely use it. It is challenging to keep a minimal data footprint with adequate protection, continuously synchronizing the data and establishing seamless failover and failback.


There Is an Easier and More Cost-Effective Alternative

By leveraging cost-effective and secure public cloud resources, Cloud Volumes ONTAP enhances cloud-based DR with highly efficient data replication, built-in storage efficiencies, and simple DR testing, managed with unified control, drag-and-drop simplicity, providing cost-effective, bullet-proof protection against any kind of error, failure or disaster.


Cloud ONTAP basically replicates the physical environment, so we’re using the same features and getting the same benefits for the business except overall the cloud opex model is enabling significant cost savings.

Paul Brown,IT Director for Infrastructure and Support, Cordant Group

Snapshots will create a specified snapshot to be able to do a DR test without disrupting our standard mirrors. That means we can create a point-in-time snapshot, then use the ability of FlexClones to make a writeable volume to test with, and then blow it away after the DR test

How it Works

Deploy CVO on the cloud of 
your choice and discover your on-prem ONTAP

Drag & Drop on-prem
ONTAP over to CVO

Clone secondary volume
and mount clones to VM to test and validate DR

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Customized Protection

Cloud Volumes ONTAP provides block-level data replication from ONTAP to the cloud that keeps the destination up to data through incremental updates. Users can specify a synchronization schedule such as every minute or every hour, based on which any changes at the source will be transferred over.

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Seamless Failover and Failback

When a disaster occurs, storage administrators can quickly set the failover to the cloud volumes. When the primary site is recovered, the new data created in the DR environment is synchronized back to the source volumes enabling the secondary data replication to be re-established.


Cost Efficiency

The storage space and costs for the secondary cloud copy are optimized through the usage of data compression, thin provisioning and deduplication. The data is transferred on the block-level in their compressed and deduplicated form, improving the speed of the transfers. Data is also automatically tiered to low-cost object storage and only brought back to high-performance storage when accesses, such as in a DR scenario. This significantly reduces ongoing storage costs.



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