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Accelerating complex Jenkins Pipeline

When running a large-scale Jenkins pipeline as a CI platform, it’s important to provide an environment that’s as easy as possible for developers to use to build new products for customers. But accelerating the build time and reducing platform costs at the same time is easier said than done.


Flexible, cost-efficient data clone technology

Release your applications faster while reducing costs and management complexity with Cloud Volumes ONTAP. Combining FlexClone® data clone volumes and Jenkins parallelism allows you to clone existing environments easily and automatically, accelerating build time by 50%. Since FlexClone volumes only consume storage space for delta data, capacity costs for test/dev copies won’t get out of control. Plus Cloud Volumes ONTAP storage efficiencies make sure each build volume size is reduced by 50% compared with builds on legacy systems.

How it works


  • 1

    Create a Cloud Volumes ONTAP deployment

  • 2

    Install and configure the Jenkins pipeline

  • 3

    Provision the Cloud Volumes ONTAP storage for your Jenkins environment

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    Accelerate build time

    FlexClone and NetApp Snapshot™ copies allow you to protect and clone existing environments instantly and automatically.

    Efficient load balancing as FlexClone volumes move easily across aggregates instead of the traditional approach of copying and deleting directories.

  • cost


    Storage efficiency features let you reduce your storage usage by as much as 70% compared with builds on native cloud storage solutions.

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    Data protection

    SnapMirror data replication lets you replicate data from specified source volumes to specified destination, mirrored volumes.

    Incremental SnapMirror mirroring is an easy way for you to replicate build artifacts at a second destination in real time with your primary build. There’s no need to re-create your build at the destination site for testing.


Get block and file storage for the price of object storage.

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