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Automatically provision and protect volumes for enterprise OpenShift data environments across any cloud infrastructure.

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DevOps bottleneck

Containerized workloads in OpenShift clusters are more important in enterprise IT deployments than ever. But without the right tools, provisioning persistent storage for these clusters can take days or even weeks, creating a DevOps bottleneck.


Enterprise-grade data management

Cloud Volumes ONTAP and the NetApp Trident storage provisioner simplify the management of persistent data for OpenShift clusters by allowing cloud architects and DevOps to provision secure, enterprise-grade persistent storage volumes automatically as soon as claims are made. This combines with Cloud Volumes ONTAP’s single-pane-of-glass governance, seamless data protection, hybrid and mulitcloud functionality, and more to make it indispensable to enterprise OpenShift environments.

How it works


  • 1

    Deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Trident on any cloud

  • 2

    Create persistent volume claims

  • 3

    Mount volumes to application pods


  • Azure

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    No single point of failure for your OpenShift storage. Enhanced availability and guaranteed QoS.

  • cost


    Multiple storage management capabilities that reduce OpenShift costs without reducing performance.

    Unified platform for iSCSI, NFS and SMB/CIFS for modernized and traditional applications.

  • performance


    Provision storage for your OpenShift clusters in minutes instead of weeks.

    Instantly duplicate and tear down test/dev data environments.


Get block and file storage for the price of object storage.

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