Disaster Recovery

Bringing Cloud Independence to Your Business Continuity Solutions

The usage-based model of cloud computing is well suited for disaster recovery (DR), and it offers a viable alternative to on-premises solutions. Moving DR operations to the cloud reduces the required data center space and storage infrastructure, resulting in increased cost savings and flexibility.



Want to Use the Public Cloud for DR?

With NetApp ONTAP Cloud, you can. Watch this short video to learn how to quickly enable disaster recovery to the public cloud within minutes.

Disaster Recovery with ONTAP Cloud

With ONTAP Cloud, you can easily deploy a DR environment in the cloud and target from your on-premises NetApp Data ONTAP® environments.

When building your disaster recovery site in AWS, ONTAP Cloud brings you a common data platform with that of your data center enterprise environment.


Drag & Drop

Simple drag-and-drop replication of your on-premises data to Cloud ONTAP and between cloud regions.

Fast Deployment

A simple, user-friendly deployment wizard-designed to get new cloud DR targets up and running in minutes.

Storage Control

The ability to provision, configure, and control cloud storage for additional use once it’s in the cloud.


Efficiently replicate data to and from the cloud or between regions with NetApp SnapMirror® technology.

Reduced Cost

Get flexibility and cost savings by paying for your DR applications only in the event of site or system failure.

Regulatory Compliance

Spin up your DR site to test and validate the site to meet regulatory requirements.


IT can retain the same control and security in the cloud that's required on premises.

Broad Management

A view of Cloud ONTAP resource costs that also integrates with OnCommand Insight for a complete hybrid cloud view of resources.

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Disaster Recovery With NetApp Private Storage

NPS for Cloud offers you a solution for your large-scale DR needs. With the performance of a dedicated enterprise storage system, you can create DR infrastructure that can scale to the requirements of a large-scale enterprise.
You can:

  • Get your data onto the cloud and take advantage of flexible cloud computing in the event of a disaster
  • Replicate your data to the cloud with the same management and control as you have in your data center
  • Meet regulatory or sovereignty requirements by creating a DR environment where you still physically own your data

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Disaster Recovery With NetApp Altavault

For organizations without a secondary disaster recovery location or for companies looking for extra protection with a low-cost tertiary site, NetApp offers AltaVault to quickly recover data after a disaster by using one of two options:


In the Cloud

Cloud-based NetApp AltaVault appliances on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are the key to enabling cloud-based recovery. Using on-premise AltaVault physical or virtual appliances, data is seamlessly and securely backed up to the cloud. Usage-based pay-as-you-go pricing.


AltaVault appliances can be deployed as a virtual or physical instance within the business’s secondary data center as a cold standby to perform recovery operations.

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