Enterprise Applications

Making the Cloud a Reality for Your Traditional Enterprise Applications

The NetApp® ONTAP®  Cloud storage data management service allows you to build an enterprise storage service on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) with Elastic Block Storage (EBS) with the flexibility to pay for only what you need, when you need it. Whether you are looking to move traditional database applications or legacy NAS applications to the cloud, ONTAP Cloud provides data management that helps solve your pain points:

  • Grow active dataset while minimizing your overall storage resource footprint with  ONTAP storage efficiency features
  • Get advanced data protection with SnapMirror® technology from data center to cloud and region-to-region replication
  • Secure your data with NetApp managed data at rest encryption where you own the keys


Your data management experience on  ONTAP Cloud  is simplified through NetApp OnCommand® Cloud Manager tools. Cloud Manager gives you a single interface to manage all of your ONTAP  Cloud data storage environments. Whether it is to deploy your storage environment in minutes or to monitor your resource spend, Cloud Manager provides the management to make your cloud data experience pleasant.

ONTAP Cloud , based on the NetApp  ONTAP® storage operating system, allows you to grow with your application needs. As your need for application performance outpaces what cloud storage can provide, you can simply transition to NetApp Private Storage (NPS) for Cloud. With NPS, you have the ability to go from a midrange enterprise storage system to ultra–high speed All Flash FAS storage systems, all while still having the flexibility of AWS cloud compute. NPS for Cloud also opens the door to moving larger scale applications to the cloud such as analytics and scientific computing workloads that require the highest IOPS performance, capacity, and scale.