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What is NetApp Cloud Central?

NetApp® Cloud Central is the home for NetApp Cloud Data Services,  a suite of data-driven services allowing you to run critical applications in the cloud, create automated DR sites, back up your SaaS data, and effectively migrate and control data across multiple clouds leveraging NetApp’s prominent data management expertise and technologies.


NetApp Cloud Data Services
Empower Your Cloud Champions.

Whether you are an IT manager looking to operate an application in the cloud, a Data Scientist utilizing big data in the cloud, or a Developer building a new best-in-class SaaS, NetApp Cloud Data Services can provide you with enterprise-class solutions delivered by the company that developed ONTAP®, the #1 data management software in the world.

(source: IDC, Worldwide Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker, 2017Q2, September 14, 2017)

What Will NetApp Cloud Data
Services Provide for You?

Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy

Whether you are targeting an all-cloud, hybrid cloud, or multicloud strategy, NetApp Cloud Data Services accelerate the time it takes you to deploy or develop an application by making the data requirements seamless to the application layer.

Data Protection and Compliance

Multiple teams leveraging the cloud make it challenging for companies to maintain compliance with data location and protection needs. You can trust NetApp Cloud Data Services to fully secure enterprise data, delivering highly available applications.

Minimized Costs

Save costs on storage capacity with tiering to Amazon S3 and by leveraging efficient data snapshots, thin provisioning, data compression, data deduplication, clones and just-in-time storage purchasing.

Enterprise Grade storage and File Systems

Leverage highly-available storage, supporting iSCSI, NFS and CIFS, with storage efficiency, low impact snapshots, clones, S3 support and DR included.

NetApp Cloud Central

A centralized location to access and manage your data services. Be more productive and effective with a single sign-on, shared notifications and a knowledge base of usage and evaluation of best practices.

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