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The Key to Faster Genome-Sequence Analysis

With the advent of large-scale cloud providers, their massive compute power and flexible consumption models have opened the door for a wide range of big data analytics. But for genome-sequence analysis, there are a few added challenges: the custom algorithms needed run on-demand, requiring massive compute for each run – effectively needing the scale of the cloud. Now it’s about feeding these algorithms the large-scale file datasets that come from the genome sequences.

Don’t let complex algorithms be a data bottleneck. Enter NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service. You get multiprotocol file access, including both SMB and NFS access to your datasets. And we designed this service from the ground up to deliver the low latency and the high throughput performance that your demanding applications, or algorithms, require.

Listen in to this on-demand webinar to learn how you can run highly complex algorithms in the cloud with increased performance and security, that were previously impossible.

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