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Kubernetes for Everyone. We Make it Easy!

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Any Cloud, Public or Private

NetApp Kubernetes Service is agnostic giving customers the power of choice:

  • Choose your cloud
  • Choose your Helm charts
  • Choose your solution stack
  • Run upstream K8s
  • Manage your application’s lifecycle with features such as autoscaling and self-healing

Upstream Kubernetes Anywhere


3 clicks

Create a Kubernetes cluster in three clicks. Done.


Save Time and Hassle

Use the NKS dashboard to manage all of your clusters, on any provider.


Organize Users

Simplify the integration of Kubernetes into your DevOps workflow.


GitOps Workflow

Make deploying to your NKS cluster as easy as `git push nks master` or `git push nks production’.


Helm-Based Deploys

Define helm charts (upstream, curated or bring-your-own) to deploy on your clusters and we manage the rollout.


Works On All The Major Clouds

Launch a Kubernetes cluster at any of the major cloud providers – 18,414
already launched! Press one below and get started

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Cloud Native Service Mesh

Use our managed Istio for canary
deployments, A/B, and more


Cloud Native Enterprise Storage

NetApp storage protects your stateful Kubernetes workload.


Secure Enterprise Registry

Private registry for container images
and Helm Charts.


Application Lifecycle Management

Easily deploy your app on
Kubernetes with a "git push”.


Cloud Native Application & Infrastructure Autoscaling

Use only the resources you need to keep costs under control.


Metrics & Logging Service Dashboards

Get quick insight into the health
of your application.


Kubernetes RBAC

Control how your teams manage infrastructure and apps.

Value Added Service Providers

Multi-Year NKS Bundles Term-Based Savings

Pay as you go at $0.10 per worker node per hour

Cloud Native Solutions

Easily deploy a cluster with a combination of Kubernetes native solutions pre-installed.

A Few Of Our Customers

Increased Productivity with
Fully Managed Kubernetes Clusters

Easily create and manage clusters
Control individual access to resources
Choose from our gallery of trusted Helm charts, or create your own
  • Create and manage production-ready Kubernetes clusters
  • Quickly build a cluster on the cloud of your choice
  • Easily manage your Kubernetes cluster from a single pane of glass
  • Readily provide and control access to individuals
  • Deploying solutions from our collection of cloud native solutions
  • Setting up and managing clusters across clouds
  • Scale from an individual developer to enterprise grade Kubernetes management
  • Federate multiple Kubernetes to manage as one
  • Create your own Helm charts or deploy from your own GitHub repository