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NetApp & Kubernetes Strategic Direction

Charting a New Course

The name Kubernetes derives from Greek and means helmsman or pilot.  The pace of innovation in Kubernetes and cloud native development is extraordinary, and requires rapid incubation, learning and adaptation.  Customers have shared with us that their #1 challenge in adopting Kubernetes is data persistence and portability. In keeping with the name and the feedback we’ve heard from customers; we’re charting a new Kubernetes course to:

  • Make applications and their associated data highly available, portable, and manageable across both on-premises and public clouds through a software-defined, set of data services.
  • Deliver enterprise-grade storage and data management built from Kubernetes, expressly for Kubernetes to enable cloud native applications wherever they need be deployed in a distribution / scheduler agnostic manner.
  • Increase our overall investment in Kubernetes while focusing how we serve evolving customer needs. Our new direction will focus on adoption of a distribution-agnostic approach.
  • To support our new direction, we’re concluding development and ending availability of the NetApp Kubernetes Service.  If you’ve any questions, please reach us at slack.nks.netapp.io or ng-nks-feedback@netapp.com.

Soon we’ll share more about the powerful new capabilities we are bringing to market to solving for those challenges!