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The Universal Control Plane for Managed Kubernetes now
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Scale from 1 developer to thousands. The simplest way to deploy a Kubernetes cluster to the clouds. Deploy a production-ready Kubernetes cluster in 3 clicks when you want and where you want it.

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Works On All The Major Clouds

Launch a Kubernetes cluster at any of the major cloud providers - press one and get started!

Cloud Native Solutions

Easily deploy a cluster with a combination of Kubernetes native solutions pre-installed.

pricing-img-2Simple, Affordable & Transparent Pricing

Only pay for what you use:

Choose PAYGO at $0.10/hr per worker node.

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Let NetApp Kubernetes Service Manage Your Kubernetes Clusters and Increase Your Productivity

  • Create and manage production-ready Kubernetes clusters
  • Quickly build a cluster on the cloud of your choice
  • Easily manage your Kubernetes cluster from a single pane of glass
  • Readily provide and control access to individuals
  • Deploying solutions from our collection of cloud native solutions
  • Setting up and managing clusters across clouds
  • Scale from an individual developer to enterprise grade Kubernetes management
  • Federate multiple Kubernetes to manage as one
  • Create your own Helm charts or deploy from your own GitHub repository

More Than Clusters Deployed and Counting…

Every day hundreds of clusters are deployed through NetApp Kubernetes Service

Clusters Built - Build one now!

Clusters Built ( on GCE, on GKE) - Build one now!

Clusters Built - Build one now!

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Easy Upgrade

Press-button Kubernetes upgrades


Istio Support

Deep Route Integration


Volume Support

PV (Persistent Volume) &
PVC (Persistent Volume Claims)



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