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Hybrid cloud and on-premises data discovery, mapping, and classification

Driven by powerful AI algorithms, NetApp® Cloud Data Sense provides automated controls and reporting so that you can always stay on top of your data.

Find anything, anywhere, anytime.

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Discovery and classification

Data governance is first and foremost about knowing what data you own and where every little piece is. Then you need to classify it by importance. NetApp Cloud Data Sense allows you to automate discover, classification, and labeling.


Data categorization and ownership control

Determine data ownership, and then automate the processes for deleting data or performing other actions.


Privacy control

Uncover human profiles in cluttered data and align with privacy regulations. Get x-ray vision into your data.

Address data subject access requests in seconds

Highlights of data privacy status


Data optimization

Delete, archive, or protect data according to enterprise policies and global regulations. Increase storage efficiency by identifying duplicate, stale, or non-business-related data.

Quick and simple setup


  • 1

    Select your working environment by using NetApp Cloud Manager.

  • 2

    In the right-hand pane, enable Cloud Data Sense.

  • 3

    Start governing your data.


Unlike existing solutions that depend on regular expressions and pattern matching, NetApp Cloud Data Sense uses AI to provide contextual understanding of data for accurate detection and classification.

  • Set and forget
    • Custom and predefined data governance policies
    • Customer and predefined data privacy policies
    • Automatic alerts upon identification of new data
  • Driven by AI
    • Designed for modern data types and scale
    • Understands data context to provide strong, accurate discovery and classification
  • Reduced TCO
    • Optimize data storage and retention policies
    • Delete duplicate, stale, or non-business-related data to reduce overall costs
  • Turnkey solution
    • Immediate value across multiple data sources in the cloud or on premises
    • Support for both structured and unstructured data