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Cloud Volumes ONTAP enables you to optimize your cloud storage costs and performance while enhancing data protection, security and compliance.

  • Control &

    Stay agile without losing
    track of your data

    • Enterprise-wide hybrid multicloud data management
    • Apply consistent governance for application & user data
    • API-driven workflows integrated with 3rd party automation tools
  • Security & Compliance

    Keep data secure and
    private no matter where it is

    • End-to-end encryption in-transit and at-rest
    • Ransomware prevention
    • AI-driven data privacy compliance tools
  • Optimized Resources

    Cut up to 90% of storage costs

    • ONTAP storage efficiencies
    • Intelligent cold-data tiering to
      low-cost object storage
  • Resilient Architecture

    Solve data loss and downtime
    problems before they occur

    • Cross-zone High-Availability
    • Cross region DR replication
    • Built-in Backup to object storage
    • Instant restore from point-in-time snapshots
  • Unified Storage

    Any cloud, one great experience

    • Multi-protocol NFS/SMB and iSCSI
    • Same APIs everywhere
    • Same tools and features everywhere
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