NetApp Professional Services and Support for cloud

Maximize application performance, cost efficiency, agility, and security in the cloud.


Unlock the best of your NetApp cloud investment

It’s estimated that organizations waste 30% to 35% of their cloud spending.
Are you struggling with unexpected cloud costs?

Growing demand for “anywhere operations” is driving the need for faster cloud adoption.
Are vendor lock-in and limited or inexperienced resources slowing your move to the cloud?

Most organizations cite security as their number one concern in the cloud.
Is inadequate integration creating compliance issues for your business?

Operational continuity in the cloud is key to meeting business requirements.
Are inconsistent workload performance, increased user complexity, and disruptive migration processes affecting your business operations?

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Accelerate your cloud journey

NetApp Professional Services cloud portfolio and methodology for public cloud.

Build a complete strategy for cloud

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    Gain understanding of the value that cloud can bring to your business.

    Identify and compare specific cloud technology options based on the business value that they bring to an organization.

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    Establish a clear cloud strategy and roadmap for your business.

    Uses your actual data to provide cost/performance analysis for determining the best service levels for cloud.

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    Design a data management architecture for your applications.

    Consistently deliver predictable and controllable performance, cost, and agility in the cloud.

Fast-track your move to cloud with confidence

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Optimize and manage your data in the cloud

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    Improve workload performance, storage efficiency, and capacity.

    Identify limitations and instabilities in your current environment to quickly optimize performance and capacity for day-to-day user operations.

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    Refresh your cloud strategy and architecture to take advantage of the latest tools and technology.

    Re-evaluate and optimize current cloud architecture strategy and design to meet your changing business needs.

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    Address potential issues before they occur with real-time monitoring and management.

    Simplify the management of NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP while optimizing cloud storage stability, efficiency, and availability.


Proactively support your cloud solutions with Day-2 Expertise

Get the right assistance when you need it most.
Gain peace of mind with a designated cloud technical specialist to help you avoid potential cloud execution and management issues.

Learn more about the Cloud Technical Account Manager (CloudTAM)