Using NetApp Trident with Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Provisioning Kubernetes Persistent Volumes

Kubernetes is revolutionizing container usage—now it’s time to find a way to make provisioning persistent volumes faster, more secure, and less expensive.

From running multiple microservices across a cluster of machines to load balancing, service discovery, and more, Kubernetes is now the choice for container orchestration. But managing the cloud resources, specifically the persistent volumes that Kubernetes requires for storage, is up to the user.

Watch the On-Demand webinar that will show you the full benefits of provisioning persistent volumes for Kubernetes using NetApp’s Trident and Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

NetApp Trident is a dynamic storage provisioner leveraging Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Kubernetes persistent volume claims. Through Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Kubernetes persistent volumes are provided with:

Watch the webinar or read some more about Kubernetes on our blog to find out how NetApp can help you provision persist volumes for Kubernetes more effectively, securely, and at lower cost than any other way in the cloud.

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