SQL Server can excel with cloud storage

At any given time, you can be responsible for dozens of SQL databases. Enterprise-grade storage like Cloud Volumes is needed for Amazon Web Services to gain automation, high availability, and cost containment for MS SQL cloud database.

  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP

    Cloud Volumes ONTAP is a self-managed storage service based on the industry-leading NetApp ONTAP running within the AWS cloud. Provision both non-disruptive NAS and SAN SQL storage with CIFS and iSCSI support the enterprise-class features for your cloud storage.

    Building a SQL database environment with NetApp provides control of your data—making your AWS cloud infrastructure smarter and more efficient with:

    • Shrink cloud storage costs up to 70% with efficient data deduplication, thin provisioning, data compression, and tiering.
    • Provision both NAS and SAN storage with SMB and iSCSI support with common feature sets and APIs across cloud providers.
    • Intelligent caching to improve I/O read and write performance.
    • Remove the risk of downtime with high availability (RPO=0) configurations.
    • NetApp SnapMirror® brings your hybrid cloud environment together by tying on-premises to your cloud instance.
    • Zero-impact NetApp Snapshot™ copies with near-instantaneous point-in-time backups without using extra resources.
  • Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

    Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP is a native AWS managed service delivering block and file storage for Windows and Linux instances. Meet performance, data management, and security demands while leveraging NetApp’s suite of enterprise-grade data services—all nestled in an AWS experience.

    With capabilities for performant workloads, enterprise databases, and data protection, Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP can run primary applications, extend on-prem to cloud for backup and DR, develop and test faster, and be consumed by born in the cloud applications. Swiftly integrate key NetApp cloud services to improve service levels and access all the native AWS services you've come to love.

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