Effective File Sharing in the cloud

File storage is ideal for many enterprise applications and is also commonly used for a variety of general-purpose file sharing workloads such as home directories, eDiscovery, storage for Linux and Windows virtual machines. Cloud storage can satisfy the scale, availability, and functionality required for your general file sharing needs. The right cloud storage includes the intelligence and automation needed to accelerate innovation with increased operational efficiency.



All applications, including file sharing, have performance requirements that include latency, IOPs, and throughput.



Redundancy and high availability configurations protect against device failures to help keep your applications online.



Service failure shouldn’t result in data loss, even in the cloud. You need storage that protects against data loss due to unplanned service outages.



Data corruption, external threats, or accidental data loss are all reasons why the right protection is needed for your data.



Application development workflows benefit from rapid iteration and parallel testing to innovate and reduce costs.



Increase efficiency and automate common tasks to reduce risk caused by human error and to improve operational productivity.

NetApp Cloud Volumes transforms File Sharing

NetApp® Cloud Volumes is the right storage choice for file sharing in the cloud. Cloud Volumes, built on the leading storage software, NetApp ONTAP, delivers unmatched performance, availability, and protection for Linux and Windows clients. With Cloud Volumes you can effortlessly scale capacity, improve resource utilization, and dramatically increase user productivity. Deploy Cloud Volumes as a fully managed storage service or a user managed storage layer on your choice of cloud infrastructure.


Access files via NFS (v3, v4.1) or SMB/CIFS and reduce management overhead with intuitive management and RESTful APIs.


Prevent unwanted access with inline and data-at-rest encryption and address strict retention needs with WORM file locking.


Rapidly create space efficient copies of production or other data to accelerate application development and QA testing.


Shrink your costs with efficient data reduction and cold data tiering for up to 70% cloud storage savings.


Improve uptime and performance with guaranteed availability and durability SLAs and choice of three performance tiers.


Protect your data with in-place snapshot copies and instant recovery. Replicate to a remote location for backup and DR.

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