Optimize SAP on cloud with proven NetApp capabilities

Accelerate projects, simplify operations, reduce TCO and move to the cloud faster with NetApp.

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How does cloud storage impact your SAP deployment?

One of the most anticipated tech transitions is the move to SAP S/4HANA. By 2027, SAP ends support for non-HANA databases with its Enterprise Suite of software. For many, this transition will create an opportunity to move critical applications to the cloud.

Cloud offers the promise of agility and rapid deployment, but the real benefits for SAP deployments do not come from infrastructure savings alone, but through accelerating projects, simplifying operations, and well-designed application integration. Choosing the right cloud storage for your SAP deployment is essential to achieve your business goals.



Latency and throughput performance is required to perform complex business operations such as logging, indexing, and updating data records.



Redundancy and high availability configurations protect against storage and compute failures to help keep your database and applications online.



Data corruption, external threats, or accidental data loss are all reasons why the right protection is needed for your data.



Application development workflows benefit from rapid iteration and parallel testing to innovate and reduce costs.



Service failure shouldn’t result in data loss. You need storage that protects against data loss caused by unplanned service outages



Increase database efficiency and automate common tasks to reduce risk caused by human error and to improve operational productivity.

Move, deploy and optimize SAP in the cloud with NetApp

NetApp provides advanced storage services on Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS. These services drive innovation and support mission-critical SAP deployments in your choice of cloud. This ability to deliver unmatched reliability and flexibility allows your SAP deployments to benefit from high-performance storage, data encryption, behind-the-scenes storage optimization, and zero-impact snapshot processes. With a managed cloud storage service or user defined storage management layer you can:

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Maximize performance

Tune performance and capacity of SAP ECC and S/4HANA at runtime with as lows as sub-millisecond latencies and up to 6 GiB/s throughput.


Increase uptime

Avoid the pain of downtime and the cost of data loss with guaranteed nine 9s of data durability.


Improve resilience

Benefit from guaranteed four 9s minimum uptime and available RPO=0 configurations.


Protect confidently

Backup 8x faster and restore quickly with space efficient snapshots and available block level replication.


Accelerate to the cloud

Migrate to the cloud without changing code. Accelerate application development using space efficient copies to enable rapid prototyping and parallel testing.


Simplify operations

Shrink your costs with data management automation and cold data tiering for up to 70% cloud storage savings.


Use cases

NetApp Cloud Volumes offers the best storage experience in the cloud for your SAP workloads.

  • Production HANA
  • Shared Files
  • Application Dev/Test
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Customer Challenges

    Organizations running SAP S/4HANA in the cloud benefit from cloud elasticity, and access to cloud services. However, enterprise grade storage and data management is required to ensure critical applications are always on and performing properly.

  • Solution
    • Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP and Azure NetApp File are certified for production HANA databases.
    • Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, Azure NetApp File and Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud for developments test and shared files.
    • Application integrated Snapshot copies via scripts or SnapCenter for Cloud Volumes ONTAP.
  • Benefits
    • High performance and highly available enterprise NFS service to share files across all SAP S/4HANA instances.
    • Accelerate projects by delivering prototypes or new landscapes in minutes.
    • Improved resiliency via space efficient snapshots that do not impact performance.
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  • Customer Challenges

    Every SAP system landscape has the need for a shared file system, /usr/sap/trans, sapmnt or /hana/shared to name a few. Not all public clouds offer a simple to use, yet powerful, enterprise grade filesystem, that’s suitable for SAP applications. Often customers are forced to build Linux based NFS servers to provision their own file services, adding additional resources and maintenance costs to increase their TCO.

  • Solution
    • Easy to deploy, full set of enterprise management features.
    • For shared file systems and database volumes, Cloud Volumes ONTAP,
      Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud, Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, and Azure NetApp Files are the perfect solutions for all kinds of SAP deployments.
  • Benefits
    • Enterprise grade NFS and SMB proven for thousands of SAP deployments.
    • Built in SnapShot copies for automated backups · Simplified operations resulting in up to 50% savings.
    • Automated synchronization within the cloud, between clouds and hybrid setups.
    • Efficient data reduction capabilities shrink cloud storage costs by as much as 70%.
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  • Customer Challenges

    Large scale SAP projects typically require complex test landscapes, and multiple project teams need sandbox or development systems. Those demands require additional infrastructure and mechanisms to improve deployment, and SAP system copy procedures to adapt to this highly demanding environment. In addition, many SAP customers need an infrastructure refresh to support migration tests required to validate and adapt new SAP applications. Internal IT is often overwhelmed with these demanding infrastructure requests.

  • Solution

    Using Cloud Volumes ONTAP:

    • SAP system copy and fast backup and restore operations to expedite development cycles and projects efficiently using NetApp's Snapshot and cloning technologies.
    • Application integration with SnapCenter and SAP Landscape Management provide easy to use SAP workflows.
    • All the tools, APIs, and operations can be extended into the cloud without the need for immediate change.
    • Storage efficiencies and operation improvements help reduce TCO.

    Using Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud, Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, or Azure NetApp Files:

    • Test systems with increased performance demands can be moved to Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud, Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, and Azure NetApp Files without any change in SAP system configuration.
  • Benefits
    • Efficient replication from on-premises for DR or to populate for development or testing.
    • Rapid copies to accelerate development by up to 70%.
    • Improved development, test and migration projects with enterprise grade data management in the cloud.
    • Support for hybrid operations using Cloud Volumes ONTAP with automated synchronization within the cloud, between clouds and hybrid setups.
    • Simplified operations resulting in up to 50% savings.
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  • Customer Challenges

    Organizations want to leverage the elasticity and consumption of cloud to affordably provide a disaster recovery location that does not require ongoing management of the infrastructure. The challenge you may face is being able to continue operations in the cloud in case of a disaster with similar performance and minimal data loss and downtime.

  • Solution
    • NetApp on premises users can efficiently replicate data to Cloud Volumes ONTAP or Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP to support disaster recovery without dedicated application servers.
    • NetApp cloning features can be used for DR testing without interruption to verify that the defined Recover Point Objective (RPO) can be met.
  • Benefits
    • Cost efficient storage-based replication from on-premises for DR avoids additional application servers in the cloud.
    • Eliminate risk by performing efficient DR testing using native cloning technology without breaking the mirror.
    • Leverage DR replication image for additional development/test system copies.
    • Application-consistent HANA backups leveraging Snapshot copies with zero performance load.
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