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The content business has changed, and so has the way you think about producing, managing and delivering that content. Your product is data and it is at the core of your business. Whether your medium is movies, television, newspapers, advertising, websites, music, gaming, social media or any other media platform; you’re being asked to leverage the cloud more.

Cloud offers many advantages including improved data access, collaboration, and delivery across geographies. In order to keep your media business thriving, you want to choose the right cloud solutions to achieve the performance, scale, and flexibility you need to manage your data.

Now is the time to rely on the industry leader in moving large datasets to the cloud. NetApp has a passion for helping companies of all sizes store, manage, and protect their data and for helping media companies navigate the public clouds to their advantage. Let’s discuss how you can build your media cloud so that it works for you.

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Customer stories

EidosMedia serves up breaking news with global publishing platform in the cloud.
EidosMedia helps global media giants engage with readers anytime, anywhere with the agility of NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Breaking news can’t wait. News moves fast and NetApp allows us to keep ahead of it.

Lorenzo D. Lead Infrastructure Engineer / EidosMedia

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Customer stories

Galatz radio: preserving history for future generations.
Galatz Radio deployed Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Azure to provide cost-effective cloud backup and recovery for 130,000 hours of digitized radio archives going back to 1950.

We want to make our recorded history available to anyone in the world. NetApp is instrumental in helping us achieve that future vision.

Yitzhak Pasternak Vice President of Technology / Galatz Radio

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Customer stories

Reach Plc keeps the news on 24/7 with AWS marketplace.
24/7 news coverage demands 24/7 availability. See how Trinity Mirror harnessed NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Amazon Web Services (AWS) to keep ahead of the headlines.

It doesn’t matter how affordable your DR solution is if it doesn’t work when you need it to. Cloud Volumes ONTAP gives us a DR solution that is both reliable and cost-effective.

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