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Accelerate key workflows for seismic processing, reservoir simulation, as well as enterprise applications.


Power your energy applications with NetApp cloud solutions

As an energy company, you run a host of applications including enterprise applications and databases, such as Oracle, SAP, and many others. But, the success of your business is driven by the work your geologists, geophysicists, and drilling engineers do to identify oil sources and extract the oil.

Accelerating data analysis for 3D modeling, exploration, seismic processing and rendering, as well as drilling simulations can pay huge dividends when evaluating and drilling a prospective oil well.

Moving to the cloud offers a number of advantages for high performance computing applications, such as seismic analysis and rendering. But, like all things, the details matter. Choosing the right storage in the cloud is just as applicable as your on-premises decision.

NetApp offers the most advanced and highest performing storage on your choice of public cloud. We have taken our nearly 30 years of storage experience and brought it to the cloud. Experience sub millisecond latency as well as massive throughput for your intense analytic workloads. And cost effectively leverage the cloud for secondary storage management.

NetApp is a member of the The Open Group and an active participant in the Open Subsurface Data Universe Forum (OSDU).

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Customer stories

Repsol uses the cloud to help make decisions faster. Repsol registered a 6.5x performance increase for their Petrel applications by moving to Azure cloud. They traced 90% of their performance increase to their choice of storage, Azure NetApp Files.

One of the key elements that was failing us was the storage; Azure NetApp Files was a lifesaver here. We have seen amazing performance increases.

Greg Walker, Reservoir Engineer Discipline Manager / Repsol

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Customer stories

US oil company transforms disaster recovery with the cloud.
A major US oil and gas organization is moving data to the cloud. In order to manage petabytes of backup and DR data, they deployed Cloud Volumes ONTAP. Through automation, they have reduced deployment for primary and secondary storage in the cloud to less than 90 minutes and have dramatically reduced cloud storage spend without performance impact.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP has allowed us to transition our Backup/DR to the cloud without having to rearchitect our environment.

Enterprise Architect

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