Security, Compliance and Privacy

Address the challenges of data security, regulatory compliance and data privacy in the cloud.

It’s not easy to manage sensitive data in the cloud

The growing list of data privacy laws, such as GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), as well as the ongoing internal and external cyber threats, present continual challenges to ensure critical data is secure, that sensitive data is kept private, and regulatory compliance is met. Your cloud infrastructure should deliver the following benefits.



Detect risks and threats before they happen, and gain visibility into the sources of attacks.



Provide intuitive access to timely and actionable information.


Classification and categorization

Identify personal data and sensitive personal information.


Alerting and remediation

Know when you are under attack and have the tools to recover quickly.



Provide access to your data only to those who need it and prevent others from access.



Know who has accessed sensitive files and identify potential compliance policy risks.

NetApp delivers the resources to keep your data safe

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is a self-managed advanced storage offering deployed in your choice of cloud infrastructure to give you added control and data efficiency. It includes the full power of NetApp ONTAP, including the rich, integrated data protection capabilities of our enterprise storage systems.


Secure cloud storage

The foundation for any secure data environment is the right storage. NetApp® Cloud Volumes is the right storage choice for all your applications and sensitive data. We offer secure shared file and block storage on your choice of public cloud with in-place and inline encryption, integration with the leading authentication services, and advanced features to rapidly recovery lost or stolen data or to remediate security attacks.

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Advanced data classification and categorization

NetApp Cloud Data Sense is a cloud service that you can easily apply to your NetApp cloud storage to address the common challenges of storing private and sensitive data. Cloud Data Sense applies AI-driven algorithms to identify, classify, and categorize your data and then applies policies to report and recommend remediation according to modern compliance regulations.

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User behavior analysis

NetApp Cloud Insights analyzes user behavior to identify file access anomalies to preempt possible risks from outsiders, ransomware attacks, or rogue users. Advanced reporting and auditing enable easy identification of violators or possible threats.

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