NetApp Storage Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Transform your hybrid cloud with NetApp and Microsoft.

NetApp in partnership with Microsoft Azure provides a path for you to take advantage of the efficiency and savings of leveraging the cloud. Whether you’re considering Azure to expand your data protection, extend your application workloads to the cloud, or to simply meet a cloud mandate, NetApp can help you:

  • Manage your Azure cloud-resident data with the familiar enterprise-class features
  • Pay only for the storage you need, when you need it with multiple consumption models
  • Easily provision and manage storage in Azure with simple point-and-click deployment
  • Speed up your entire backup and restore process to Azure
  • Increase cost savings and operational efficiency
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Secure and Efficient Backup and Recovery to Azure

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Efficient Backup and Recovery Using NetApp AltaVault and Azure

NetApp® AltaVault cloud-integrated storage enables customers to securely backup data to Azure at up to 90% less cost compared to on-premises solutions. AltaVault gives customers the power to tap into cloud economics while preserving investments in existing backup infrastructure and meeting backup and recovery service levels. Learn more here.

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ONTAP Cloud for Azure

A cloud version of the #1 NetApp® ONTAP® Software, extending enterprise storage to the cloud. ONTAP Cloud is a software-only storage service, offering superior data management on the Azure cloud.

  • Business continuity, business applications and DevOps can reside on the cloud.
  • Control data across on-premises and Azure cloud from a single solution.
  • Enterprise storage efficiency features like Deduplication, Compression and Snapshots.
  • Easy deployment with OnCommand® Cloud Manager data storage management software.

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NetApp Private Storage for Azure

Harness the power and control of a hybrid cloud solution from NetApp and Microsoft Azure.

When it comes to cloud, one thing is clear: Enterprises want flexibility and control. Most cloud solutions require trade-offs, but the NetApp® Private Storage for Microsoft® Azure solution gives you both.

Leverage Azure cloud compute with proven enterprise storage. Combine the elasticity and savings of Microsoft Azure with the performance and availability of dedicated enterprise storage.

Match compute resources to utilization. Use Azure compute for peak, unforecasted, or seasonal enterprise workloads and avoid large, unnecessary capex investments.

Put your data next to Azure for performance and control. Placing your NetApp storage in an Equinix Tier 1 datacenter next to Azure gives you physical and environmental security, along with performance. Azure ExpressRoute connectivity between NetApp storage and Azure improves throughput by 36% compared to VPN over the Internet. Your compute feels local, while your data remains protected. Data sovereignty is a non-issue because you know where your data is located at all times.

Learn more about NetApp® Private Storage for Microsoft® Azure, contact your NetApp sales representative, or find a delivery partner.

“With NetApp AltaVault and Microsoft Azure we can accommodate data growth cost-effectively and with greater peace of mind.”

George Chen

Server Manager
Metricon Information Technology Group

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NetApp ONTAP Cloud for Microsoft Azure

The NetApp ONTAP Cloud storage software service delivers enterprise control, protection, and efficiency to your data with the flexibility of the Azure cloud.


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