Virtual Desktop Service

Simple virtual desktop service giving you the power to automate, orchestrate, manage and optimize your digital workplace in the public cloud.

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NetApp’s Virtual Desktop service solves the complexity of deploying and managing virtual desktops in the public cloud, delivered both as a flexible software service to manage your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), or as a fully managed VDI as a Service platform. The Virtual Desktop Service removes the complexity of deploying desktops in the cloud taking the hundreds of tasks that took 2-3 days to deploy into just a few hours.


Virtual Desktop Service Benefits


Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Our customizable resource scheduling system optimizes infrastructure spend up to 50%.



Deploy as a do-it-yourself software management service for your choice of VDI environments or choose a fully managed WVD platform service.


Reduce Risk

Deploy desktops into logical workflows per cloud best practices; Such as Microsoft best practice WVD standards.



Control multiple tenants across AWS, Azure and Google with a single graphical user interface.


Full Automation

Event driven automation and orchestration engine leveraging your current scripts, making management so easy, general IT administrators can manage your cloud desktops!


Flexible Control

Maximize business flexibility with a single portal to control every layer of your technology stack.

Windows Virtual Desktop

When moving your desktop infrastructure from your premises to Windows Virtual Desktop, it is imperative to build an environment to meet your business needs to be cost effective, secure and easy to manage yet have the speed to provide the best experience for your users.

  • ic-challenge-1 Customer challenges

    Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a simple and fast, managed Azure cloud VDI brokering platform service (PaaS) that significantly lowers solution cost. Deploying WVD offers many benefits including:

    1. Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Windows 10 multi-session support (only available in Azure)
    2. Utilizes FSLogix for User Profile management
    3. Optimizations for Office 365 ProPlus
    4. Included with E3 or E5 Microsoft licensing

    Although WVD brings all this value, it can bring with it challenges including the difficulty of migrating persistent desktops and home directory data to Azure, management challenges, and the complexity of orchestrating virtual desktop deployments from region to region.

  • ic-solution-1 Solution

    NetApp Virtual Desktop Service eliminates the complexity of your WVD deployments by providing a simple, single interface to deploy, manage and maintain your WVD environment(s) taking tasks that took 2-3 days down to just a few hours. NetApp Virtual Desktop Service funnels the hundreds of WVD setup options into a few key questions and then builds out your custom environment. When building on Azure NetApp Files, it gives you a highly reliable and performant solution to solve your critical WVD challenges.

  • ic-results Results with Virtual Desktop Service
    • Create and orchestrate all the required components – From host pools, Windows 10 session servers, app groups for user access, and more.
    • Operates on the VDI control plane for WVD and RDS.
    • Remove the need for complexed PowerShell scripts to conduct management services expertise with a simple, native PaaS Workspace Management Control plane.
    • Use flexible policy-based rules to automatically Start and Stop desktops to save on Azure costs.
    • Built in event-scripting tool to run in-house apps, customized apps or vertical market or specialty apps in WVD on Azure.


Virtual Desktop Service brings the following capabilities to your desktops:


  • ic-simplicity Fully Compatible

    Supports all the layers in your stack, giving you a single portal to manage WVD, RDS and VMware

  • ic-manage Fast, Simple Deployment
    • User (Identity/Authentication)
    • Applications
    • Data (Files, Databases)
    • Policy (GPO)
    • Profiles/Configurations
  • ic-onboarding Always On… Even When It’s Not

    Our patented “hibernate and wake” technology provides access, even during unscheduled times.

  • ic-optimization In-depth Monitoring

    Continually monitors and optimizes your workspace with our exclusive algorithms for VM live-scaling, workload scheduling, Scripted Events Engine.

  • ic-azure-netapp-files WVD Validated By Microsoft

    Recognized as Microsoft Preferred Solution Provider for WVD. A native Azure solution developed together with Microsoft.